¡Estoy en Santiago! I arrived here Sunday morning at 7:30 after a long, long flight. Fortunately, the plane wasn´t full and I was able to move to two seats in order to stretch out and sleep (somewhat).

It is such a relief to be here. The last few days in Maine were so hectic. I had to keep telling myself to just breath. Now, it is all behind me and I am once again a “princess”…..hallelujah!!

We had to fill out entry forms for customs and it asked our occupation. I didn´t think they would have much of a sense of humor if I wrote Princess, so I put “professional organizer”!

Santiago is a big city. The population is about 5 million. We are in a relatively upscale area of Las Condes. There are many apartment and office buildings. When David initially arrived here, he said it was the prettiest city he had ever seen. Well, what he meant is that he liked the designs of the various buildings. Many are very modern with unique angles and many are lit up at night.

The weather is very cool. Today, Tuesday, it is sunny and about 48* . It is supposed to warm up to 55-60 by the end of the week.

The Andes are incredible. We have breakfast in the restaurant on the 14th floor of the building. The view is the mountains. On a clear day, they are very impressive.

I am communicating fairly well with my Spanish…they talk extremely fast here! Plus, they are very patient with me.

David and I went to the center of Santiago on Sunday on the subway. There are some beautiful, old buildings. There was also a craft market going on. It is all very interesting.

I will write more later as I am working on the computer in the hotel business center and it is timed. Tomorrow, we are moving to a larger room and I will have internet service in the room. So, I won´t be as rushed.

Life is good and as David says…..”We aren´t in Kansas anymore, Toto!”

Cheers, Sharalyn

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