Friday Evening, July 20, 2007

As I write this, I am looking out onto the Andes Mountains. They are absolutely gorgeous tonight. They have this pink hue to them. There is romantic Spanish music on the radio. The only thing that would make things any better are my husband and a glass of wine!!

Well, I start Spanish classes on Monday. I signed up for 2 weeks to avoid a $100 registration fee….the extra week certain won’t go to waste! I think I will need way more than 2 weeks worth of classes!

From the school, I walked towards downtown to go to the Museo de Bella Arte. On my way, I clicked pictures of fountains, statues and unique doors that I saw along the way.

In front of the Museo de Bella Arte, there is a great statue of a horse. (I will try to include it with this post, but had this all written last night and lost most of it, so….) It is my favorite statue so far in Santiago. The art museum is in a beautiful building. However, I thought it was the traditional art museum for Santiago. Instead, it is the contemporary art museum…..which I really don’t care for. I just don’t get it! For example, they had a flat screen television mounted on the wall. The picture was of a park bench sitting in a flooded area of water. You could hear the water lapping the shoreline….that was it. Now, what was that suppose to represent? Then, there was the holes in a wall that you were supposed to look into. In each hole, there was a picture of a woman in various poses and dress or lack there of!!!!?????

Now, there were a couple of artist that I enjoyed. One was Matias Duville from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had photographs that were of the impressionist style. From a distance, you could make out the scene of the landscape or the beach. However, close up the picture was nothing but images of pearls in various colors. It was amazing and made me think “how did he do that?”. The other was by two artist Res and Constanza Piaggio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was titled “Crista” and was the painting of the crucifix….only Christ was a woman. I am certain that raised some eyebrows!

The rest of the day was spent walking through the streets of Santiago. I came upon a pedestrian mall that was full of people. There were various stores and eateries along the mall area. Also, various vendors selling everything from snacks, 3-D puzzels, scarves, gloves and even insoles for your shoes.

I decided to hop the subway back to our neighborhood, Las Condes. The subway system is very clean and efficient. It is amazing that the subway has been running since 1975. It looks like it opened yesterday. It is only about 80 cents for a token. So, when I am not feeling like walking, it is a great alternative. Today, even though I took the metro, I still walked 10 miles!
*Again, my apologies for any spelling mistakes…this program keeps going off line and won’t allow me to check my spelling. However, it will allow me to post….so frustrating! I don’t know if it is the program or the provider!

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