You have to laugh!!!!

Well, my Spanish classes started on Monday and what I have realized in the last three days is that I have a lot to learn!!! I am enjoying the class, but somedays….everyday….my head is spinning when I leave the classroom. Oh my gosh!!!

So, I have to share with you some “bloopers” that I have said in Spanish since being down here! For example, the day that I went to the craft market at Los Dominicos, I was talking with an artist and told him that I loved his work. He used the brightest colors, which I love! He thanked me and asked where I was from. I said the US. Then, he said that my Spanish was very good. I told him that he was very patient with my Spanish. Then, what I wanted to say was “When I can’t remember a word in Spanish, I get very mad.” However, what I said was “When I can’t remember a word in Spanish, I get very beautiful!!!” He just smiled and ever so politely nodded! He was probably thinking….yeah, dumb American!

The other thing I have been telling everyone down here, is that my town is near the south….instead of the sea!

Finally, my most embarrassing mistake was a conversation with the bell boy here at the hotel. I was telling him that I have started Spanish classes and he asked where. I told him the school was BridgeChile on Las Leones Avenue. So, “bridge” is an English word. I thought that I would translate it for him. Since I haven’t used the word for bridge since being down here, I should have looked it up. Instead, I forged forward and told him it was “Puta Chile”. That didn’t sound right to me, so I looked it up and turned 50 shades of red!!! I told him the name of the school was “Whore Chile”!!! I now know the word for bridge is “puente“!! Yes, I did apologize profusely!!! Ever so professional, he didn’t even raise an eyebrow! Can you imagine what he told his family when he got home that night???? You have to laugh!!!!

People are very creative down here for earning money. The other day, I saw a man riding the bus, playing the guitar. As the people exited the bus, they gave him a tip! In the street at a stop light, I saw another man juggling balls. Right before the light changed color, he went to the various cars asking for a tip.

There are other people who appear to be self appointed parking attendants. From what I can gather, they assist you in finding a parking space on a certain street and I guess, you pay them for that assistance and to make certain that your car doesn’t get damaged while it is parked there. Also, if you request it, they will wash your car.

Today, is a beautiful day. The temperature is in the 68*, by far the warmest day since arriving here. Tomorrow, the school is going on an excursion to a nearby winery. I have signed up for that. I am convinced that with a glass of wine in me, my Spanish will improve greatly!!!


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