Rainy Wednesday

David is in Lima, Peru as I write this. He left after work last night. His flight was suppose to leave Santiago at 11:00PM. At 10:00PM, he called me and said that his plane had been delayed for 2 hours!!! He had a 9:00AM meeting this morning, so I imagine that he was a little tired today. He was suppose to return Friday morning at 1:00AM (flights to and from Lima are at weird hours!). He just called at said that he would be home at 1:00 AM tonight/this morning. I guess they got everything done today, so will come home early….yeah!!!

It is raining today. I really dislike it when it rains because it is a cold, damp rain. Plus, my Gor-tex shoes are pack with the Lima, Peru belongings sitting in storage. So, my sneaker get soaked every time. Oh well, I should be grateful that I have sneakers, right?

As I write this, I am watching “Latin American Idol”. It is basically the same program as “American Idol”, only in Spanish. People have told me that it is good to watch television in Spanish, so I figured this would be fun to watch. I can’t understand everything the judges are saying, but I can pretty much get the gist. One judge has a ‘tude like Simon, the woman is more “together” than Paula and the other male judge is kind of neutral like Randy Jackson. I really like Spanish music…it has such passion to it!

Oh my gosh, Spanish classes have been tough. This week, we have been studying direct and indirect objects! I can figure out what is a direct and indirect object in the sentence. However, by the time I figure out whether to use lo, la, te, se, etc and where to place it in the sentence, I will forget what I am trying to say!

Today, I went to the Pre-Colombian museum with others from the school. It is a beautiful museum that chronicles 4,500 years of Pre-Colombian civilization. I really need to go back and get some pictures and spend more time there.

Well, Latin American Idol is over. I must close and do my homework. I believe I am going to take one more week of class. We are still waiting for a definite date for the Vietnam departure and believe we will get the word this week. It could possibly be as soon as August 25th!

Thanks to all of you who have sent comments to my e-mail or left them on my blog. I am pleased that you enjoy it, as I have certainly enjoyed sharing our adventures with you.

Oh, I almost forgot…another Spanish blooper…After being here for a month, I have gotten to know the breakfast staff very well. Yesterday, I saw two of the waiters standing outside of the hotel when I returned home from school. In Spanish, I asked what they were doing. I thought Rodrigo said that he was going to get married….what he said was that he had free time!!! They know that I am trying to learn Spanish and are very patient with me. They try to give me a little practise at breakfast each morning. Anyway, we had a great laugh!!!

Cheers, Sharalyn

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