Room with a View and Census

Good Morning!! Just a quick note to let you know that we have signed the lease for our apartment. As you can see by the picture we have the most amazing view! I will be posting more pictures on my web page later. I have been busy getting some things that are not in the “furnished apartment”…like waste baskets, coffee maker, mixing bowls, spatula, sharp knife…things that you would expect, no?

Anyway, we are moving in on Monday. Today, the painters are coming to touch up some of the walls. We would have moved in tomorrow, but there is a country wide census here on Sunday. Everyone is ordered by the government to stay in their houses all day until 6:00PM. Can you imagine?? If you need to work, then you have to get a special certificate of exemption.

I have yet to get the order in for the television or internet at the apartment. It would make for a very long day just sitting in the apartment with not much to do. So, we are staying at the hotel all day Sunday. So sad, David has a day off and can’t go out! It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of…just one more new experience of living in a foreign country!!!

I have pictures to upload on my web page from the most recent tour of Lima that I took this week and I have yet to write about it on my blog. Hopefully, I can get to that soon. Very busy time, right now, but that is good. Keeps me out of trouble!!


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