Connected to the World….again!

Just wanted to give you an update since it has been so long since I have posted anything. We are all moved into the apartment, which we are enjoying tremendously. Since moving in, I have been getting up every morning and doing a “walk/jog” or as I call it, my shuffle, along the Malecon. Although the sun rarely shines in this part of Lima, I really enjoy shuffling along the park with the amazing view of the ocean.

Even at 5:30, there are many people walking, jogging, bike riding and lots of dogs!!! You know how much I love dogs. I am starting to recognize the regulars now. There is a T’ai Chi class as well every morning. I watch, but have yet to participate. I think I will practise with the T’ai Chi DVD that I brought down first before I attempt to join in. David is going into work later now, so he is starting to walk with me, which is nice.

I never quite know what I am going to see when I look out my window. The other day, it was a school of dolphins swimming by and always, there are “schools” of surfers waiting to catch the next wave. The other day, they was a film crew that was filming all day in the park. Then, there was a couple, in what appeared to be prom attire, dancing around in the park while a photographer snapped pictures! Who needs TV???

Speaking of TV…the internet and the phone. What an ordeal to get them!!! The phone was actually installed quite quickly. However, for the first 48 hours, I could receive calls, but not make them. Evidently, “Jessica” had this phone number because 85% of the calls that I have gotten are for “Jessica”…. Ella no tiene esta numero ahora…She doesn’t have this number now!!!

Then, the internet was supposed to be installed next. Unlike “Time Warner” cable, they don’t give you an exact day with an approximate time that they will arrive…between 8-12 or 1-5. Oh no, you have to sit in the apartment and wait all day. I waited Thurs and Friday and no internet people. Then, my taxi driving friend, Jose Luis….bless this person….called and asked when they were going to come. The reply was 15 days….I heard him say “quince dias” and looked at him with a hugh “WHAT????” expression. After much more discussion, which was lost to me, they said that they would come to install my internet Monday or Tuesday. OK, I can wait 2 more days more…much better than 15 days!

Monday, the cable people came to install the cable for the television. I kept asking them about the internet. They very patiently explained that, yes, it was the same company, but they only installed cable. I told them that I had been waiting 4 days (yes, I exaggerated!) and couldn’t they please install my internet? Finally, one of the men said that he would call his friend who installed internet for the company. As he was leaving, this same guy asked for a tip(!), adding that I had a very nice apartment…subtle hint,no? So, I figured, what the heck…and gave him 20 soles (the equivalent of $6.00) and he left.

Well, low and behold, 5 minutes later, I got a call from the internet installer telling me that he would be there in 20 minutes. Do you think that the conversation with his friend, the cable guy, went something like….there is an ex-pat living on the Malecon, in a great apartment and she tips??? I honestly don’t care what it took, but I now have the phone, television and the internet!!! Oh…one other thing…I have bottled water and I ordered it on my own….some was in Spanish, some in English, but they said it would be here today between 2 and 6, and at 4:30, it is here…hallelujah!!!!!

I have a couple of entries to make of a tour I took before I moved into the apartment and from our get away that we took last weekend. Plus, tons of pictures to upload on the web page. So, keep checking over the next few days.

David’s project is challenging. There are 3 phases to this project. David was working on the second phase, while we were in Santiago. When he came to Lima, David, as well as the whole team that was working on the second phase was transferred to the first phase of the project because it was in such a mess. His group is trying to get the first phase back on track. David, and the others, claim that they have never seen a project so messed up as this one. David was working in the field and he was enjoying it tremendously. Then, upper management asked him to go back on contracts, which he agreed to, but is hoping that the field work will become available sometime soon.

OH MY GOSH….how about those Red Soxs? No, I didn’t get to see any of the games. It was my Canadian girlfriend who gave me the updates on the World Series because she had access to CNN at the hotel! One of these days, when the Red Sox win big or the Patriots, I will be in the New England area and will be able to celebrate with people who are Boston fans!!!

I have a couple of entries, that I have been working on,of a tour I took before I moved into the apartment and from our get away that we took last weekend. Plus, tons of pictures to upload on the web page. So, keep checking over the next few days. Cheers!!!

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