Water Update and Passion!

The water was just delivered…minus the dispenser. So, I guess the lady I spoke with yesterday didn’t understand what I was saying. That is another thing that we are discovering down here…they tell you what you want to hear and not what they think. For example, I told the delivery man what I told the lady yesterday and he said that I said it correctly, but maybe she didn’t understand. So, if she didn’t understand, why didn’t she just say so???? The new dispenser will be delivered on Monday. Just another learning experience.

Now onto “passion”. Being in this Latin American country, we are surrounded by passion. Everywhere you look, there are lovers embracing and kissing passionately. I have pointed it out several times to David…dropping subtle hints. Why don’t you kiss me like that? We need a little more passion….etc. Now, whenever we walk by “passion” one or both of us says “passion”.

Last night, we were walking in the local park, with many other people. Passion was everywhere, so I suggested we sit on a park bench and create our own passion. Heck, we don’t know anyone down here!!! It didn’t go real well. I think David has too much “Puritanical blood” in him.

From the park, we made our way home via the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine. We each had a glass of wine while he spent time on the computer and I read my Survival Lima Guide. After ,we were sitting on the couch together with the lights out, looking over the park and ocean. The mood was set for passion….which, was going much better, at this point!

Then, silly me, as I was hugging David I asked him why he didn’t go hunting down here, instead of going back to the states to hunt. He said that there wasn’t any hunting here. I told him that I had just read in my “survival book” that there were a couple of areas to hunt in. Well, he came off the couch…saying “turn on the lights, let’s take a look”!!!!

So much for “passion”….we have two years down here….maybe it will rub off on him!!! Regardless, I think I will keep him!

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