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So, my story doesn’t end with a good-bye with Drew and Toril. They had a full day on Monday to spend in Lima before they had to head to the airport Monday night. Toril had done some research and wanted to visit the Puericultorio Augusto Pérez orphanage. She had read that you could just “show up” and rock babies. They invited me to go….initially, I said no….many of you know that I don’t consider myself very good with little people. However, after thinking about it, I figured that this opportunity had come to me for a reason and that I should go.

So, Monday, we headed to the orphanage. It is only about 15 blocks from where I live. We didn’t actually rock babies, but we did have a grand two hours of playing with the toddlers. One little girl, Flo, took right to me. I walked into the play area and she made a diving leap into my arms. She was a bundle of energy…..

We were told that there are 500 children at the home. Last year, only 2 were adopted. Several are not available for adoption. There parents have brought them to the orphanage to be taken care of because they are unable to provide for them. However, the parents have not forfeited their parental rights. When a child turns 18, he must leave the home. However, they are well educated. The children have the opportunity to learn a trade…mechanics, sewing, painting, etc. There are several companies in the Lima area that have apprenticeships for these children and they are often hired by the company.

It was a wonderful experience…both spending time with the children and meeting Drew and Toril. My life is richer because of them. I have good intentions of making a commitment to do a day or two of volunteer work after the first of the year.

Also, last week, we were finally upgraded to the 900 speed on the computer. What an ordeal….and of course, I waited one whole afternoon with a no-show. The next day, I was told he would be here by 9:00….at 11:30 he finally arrived. Now, I am able to watch video clips without them skipping, the Skype seems to work a little better and I can upload my pictures on my webshots site… is good, I am blessed!

I started taking Spanish classes this week. This was day 2….so far, so good. One thing I really like about this school is they offer dancing and cooking classes as well as, movies in Spanish and excusions. All are included in the fee for the school. So, Wed and Thurs I am going to be learning how to cook Peruvian and dance the salsa as well as learn Spanish!!!

Christmas is going to be spent in Argentina….that will make country #31 that I will have visited in my lifetime. How exciting, no? We leave Dec 23 and will fly to Buenos Aires to make a connecting flight to Iguazu Falls. This is suppose to be an amazing place to visit….275 falls total. I can hardly wait. On Christmas day, we fly back to Buenos Aires where we will stay and explore until the 30th.

It so doesn’t seem like Christmas down here. The palm trees are swaying in the breeze. Temps are about 65-70 degrees, the flowers are beautiful. They have Christmas trees throughout the city, stores are decorated and playing Christmas music…I just can’t get into the spirit.

David is doing better. He has vowed to stay away from chicken. The project is a tough one….as they all seem to be after the “honeymoon period”. Still we are so enjoying our adventure here in South America.

Life is great and we are so blessed…thanks to God for everything….until later. May your holidays be joyous, safe and blessed as well.

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