Spanish, Dancing, Cooking Classes and Earthquake!!!

This has been a busy week. I have been taking Spanish classes 2 hours a day for the past week. They are going well, but I think that next week I am going to invest in private classes. What it cost me for 10 hours, I can get one-on-one for 8 hours….so, I think I will try those.

One great thing about this school “El Sol” is extra curricular activities are offered. On Tuesdays, they have a movie in Spanish with English sub-titles. On Wed, cooking classes, Thurs are dancing classes and Friday is a field trip. So, this week, I took the cooking dancing classes.

We cooked arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) and palta rellena (avocado with chicken and veggies). After class, we can eat, but I didn’t for a couple of reasons. One, everything had chicken….I don’t eat chicken. Two, we were invited out to Raphael’s for a going away dinner for one of the men who is leaving the project.

Raphael’s is a great restaurant here in Lima. It is a tad expensive, but the food is wonderful…I had a wonderful fish dish, we shared several appetizers and dessert was a cheesecake….all washed down with too much wine.

Today, was dancing classes. I am on my way to being the next “salsa champion” of Peru!!!! It was sooooo much fun.

So, tonight, I am studying my Spanish at the table, David is surfing the internet and all of a sudden, our 11th story apartment starts swaying. Yep, there was a 5.7 earthquake south of Lima. It probably lasted around 30 seconds….but when everything is swaying, that is a long, long time. The epicenter is near where they had the serious earthquake in August….so, I hope that more damage wasn’t done to that area.

Well, time to finish my homework. We are fine….

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