Christmas Greetings

Happy Holidays, everyone. I haven’t blogged lately as there hasn’t been much exciting or new going on in my life. I am loving my private Spanish lessons, although we are studying the different verb tenses which are very challenging! I told my teacher the other day that these classes have kind of backfired on me. When we first moved here, I would just start talking thinking that I was saying everything correctly. With the more classes I take, I hesitate every time I want to say something to make certain I am using the correct tense. Or I pause, mid-sentence to figure out what I want to say and then I forget what I was going to say….

The cooking and Salsa classes are going well, too. They are really lots of fun and the Salsa class is a great workout! I don’t know if I will ever truly have the rhythm of the Latin Americans, but it is fun to try!

David and I went to the office Christmas party Saturday night. It was at a lovely restaurant. The food was wonderful…I hope to learn a couple of the fish dishes in my cooking class.

Sunday afternoon, we had about 20 people over to our apartment for a Christmas party. It was nice to chat and visit with everyone in a relaxed atmosphere. So, we are trying to get into the spirit down here. As you can see, I even decorated our cactus! Plus, I have hung white lights in the window in the living room.

Speaking of lights…oh my gosh, the Peruvians love blinking lights….which, by the way, drive me crazy…or in Spanish me vuelve loca. Oh my gosh, sometimes I think I am in Las Vegas, with these lights, instead of Lima, Peru.

Yesterday, I took Jose Luis’ 2 daughters to see the Disney movie Enchanted. It was all in Spanish. They enjoyed it, I did too…I actually understood some of the jokes!

David and I leave Sunday morning at 12:35 (!!) for Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will visit Iguazu Falls our first 2 nights and then spend the last 5 nights in Buenos Aires…so, I will have lots to write when I get back.

Until then, Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

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