Day Trip from Buenos Aires – Tigre

This was another day trip that David and I took to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is only 18 miles north of Buenos Aires. We took the first train out of BA to Maipu, which is a suburb of BA. In Maipu, we picked up the new light-rail system. The train was newer and faster than the train out of BA. Plus, the stops were more interesting. A couple had shopping mall areas near the train. In Barrancas, there was a great antique market that we visited on the way back. Occasionally, we got glimpse of the Rio de la Plata, that the Tigre and Parana River Delta are on.

We spent a little time walking along one of the canals that makes up the Tigre and Delta area. There are lovely parks on both sides of the canal and the canal itself is full of boats for day excursions, water taxis or row boats for a leisurely paddle.

Since our tour book suggested visiting La Tres Boca neighborhood, we bought tickets for a water taxi to venture there. The water taxi was a beautiful mahogany boat. A much larger version of the mahogany boats on Lake Tahoe. Since it was another hot day, the cool breeze of the boat was very welcomed.

It was very interesting cruising the river area. The only mode of transportation to the houses along the river, are boats. We passed several adorable camp-type places with beautiful, green lawns. There was even a camping area. The “grocery store” was a boat full of supplies. People would pull up the store in their boat, buy what they needed and then shoved off.

Everywhere, people were kayaking or canoeing. Our water taxi made several stops along the way for individuals to get off. Once at Tres Bocas, we got off and walked around. Off of the main river that we had just traveled, there were smaller canals. These canals had camps or homes built along them as well. This was the case with the neighborhood we visited. We walked along the path that followed one of the canals to the end. It was interesting to see people enjoying the afternoon at their camp….either boating on the water or sitting on the porch listening to music. The canals had footbridges to cross over to the other side. Also, there were about 3 restaurants in this area.

We caught the water taxi as it made its way back toward Tigre. People just sit on their docks and flag it down as it goes by. Once back in the town, we walked along the park enjoying some of the beautiful architect of the rowing clubs. It is interesting how they get their rowing sculls to the river…it is on a track system. They sit the scull on the platforms with wheels and this platform runs along narrow tracks to the water.

There is also an amusement park in Tigre. For South America, it looked pretty impressive. We were surprised to see that there was a gambling casino as well. That had been there for 8 years and was really busy when we walked by.

We left Argentina on December 30th and were in Lima for New Years Eve. It was quiet, spent at home with friends and some wine. Midnight, we went out on the Malacon – the park in front of our house and watched the fire works all along the coast. It was fun…some were set off by the various towns along the coast…others were set off by individuals…which I was a little afraid of. Who knows where one wild firework could end up, right? So, that brings you up-to-date with the Christmas tour of 2007! I can hardly wait to see where 2008 will take us! I hope that you are blessed in the coming new year!

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