Flowers, The “Inca Blues” and Going to Maine

So, these are the flowers that David brought home to me Saturday night!! Bless his heart! He said that it was quite an ordeal – first to find the flowers and then secondly, make the purchase in Spanish. He was even able to get across that he wanted a vase! I am impressed. We went to the movie that night to see the new Nicholas Cage movie “Lost Treasures” at least that is the translation here in Lima. It was entertaining. Anyway, at one point during the night, David told me that I had to make the decision about something as he was exhausted from his outing of buying flowers!!!

Friday night, I came down with the “Inca Blues”. I had a pretty rough night but felt better on Saturday. After the movie, we were walking in the Parque Kennedy area which is very touristy and full of sidewalk cafes and restaurants. We walked by one restaurant and on the television was American football….not just any game but the Patriots and Jacksonville…wooohoooo!!! We sat down and got to see the last quarter and the Patriots win…..yipppppeeeeee!!!!

The walk home, the “blues” started acting up again. Needless to say, it was an interesting walk home…..Sunday, was not much better, so I ended up at the clinic at 10:00 AM. The Dr was impressed that I had been in Lima for 4 months and this was my first bout of being sick!

The visit was all in Spanish. Now, I can understand quite a bit now, but feeling sick, I was having a difficult time concentrating. At one point, I asked him to slow down and if he could say it in English…his response was “I prefer to speak in Spanish”…OK, thanks!

So, the short of it all, I have some kind of bacteria. Who knows where I got it from? I have been on a bland diet and anti-biotics all week. Each day has been better, with today being the best. So, the pills must be working. The first few days were worse…oh my gosh, my body ached all over, like I had the flu….not fun and hopefully, I won’t have it again.

This week, I have mostly spent going to Spanish class and getting ready to come home. We leave tomorrow night for Maine. I am excited about going to the states, but not real excited to be going from 7o-plus weather to the good ol’ fashion winter that Maine is having. They have gotten over 40 inches of snow so far this winter….can you believe it??? I can’t ever remember a winter like that!

David will be home for a week. He will fly out on Saturday, the 26th. I will be home for close to a month. I leave Maine on the 20th of Feb. I will have a quick trip to WI, Feb 7-12, to visit with my brother Perry and his partner, Michael. I am so excited to see them…and their pets, Biscuit, Jack and Kiwi. Another reason for the home visit is to do taxes………

So, the next post will be from Maine. Until then…..

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