Wisconsin in February

February 7-12, I flew to Madison, WI to visit Perry and Michael. One of the main reasons to travel to WI in February (!!!); besides visiting with my brother, was to see Biscuit, their yellow lab and to meet the newest member of the family, Jack, their French bulldog.

This is an earlier photo of Jack. I wanted to share both of the dogs with you. However, while I was out there, I couldn’t get them to sit still for a picture together. So, this picture from last fall will have to do. Jack is full of personality. Biscuit is so good with him.

I had a wonderful visit. It was so relaxing, because there was absolutely nothing that I had tend to out there. I wrote my 2007 “Christmas letter”, finished one book and read another, watched movies, studied Spanish, drank good wine by a roaring fire and avoided going outside as much as possible.

Oh my gosh, was it ever cold!!! On Sunday, the high temperature was -2 degrees. I told Perry and Michael that I needed to get on the “summer vacation plan” for visiting them. Although it was cold, it was really nice to experience winter after having 100 degree temperatures for Christmas.

The day I flew back to Maine, it was storming in the Midwest. This storm broke all the snowfall records for Wisconsin…so, they have had quite the winter! With the delay in Madison and Chicago, I still made it back to Maine only two hours behind schedule.

The next day, in Maine, we experienced the storm that I traveled home in…only we had a whole day of cold, pouring rain…talk about miserable! Despite the weather, it was a wonderful visit with Perry, Michael and the dogs.

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