Paying taxes and Surfing…not pretty!!

OK, so now I can check off “surfing in Peru”….sort of. Yesterday, I took a 2 hour class. I got up for a split second. The rest of the time, I spent in the water!!!

I think I should have tried surfing maybe 30 years ago! It is hard work and I was exhausted at the end of an hour in the water! Today, it took a little longer to get out of bed!! My body was screaming “what were you thinking???” Still, I think that once I forget how tired and sore I was that I might possibly try it again!

It is “tax time” in the Miraflores district where we live. Every quarter, we need to pay about $30 or so in taxes. They put up these large, inflatable balloons in the shape of hot-air balloons to remind people that it is time to pay the district taxes. These taxes pay for the security guards, cleaning and park maintenance. It is always an adventure trying to pay these taxes. You go to the municipal building and take a number. While waiting people come around with water and/or soda and cookies.

Last week, when I went to pay, I ended up all over the place. The problem was that my landlord had not given me the most recent bill. So, they sent me outside where they had set up a booth for people who had not received their tax bill. When it was determined that my landlord probably had it, I was escorted into another room to pay my taxes via the internet. I had about 5 people helping me with that….for whatever reason, it was denied twice. By this time, I had been there for 45 minutes and just wanted to leave….so, I went back to the original room that I had been in and finally got to pay. The next day, I went through the process again for a co-worker of David. This time, it was much easier because he had the new bill and I knew the routine. They remembered me from the day before and gave me a quizzical look. I said that I was there to pay the taxes for a friend…they said that I was a very good friend to do that!!!

It is always an adventure!

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