Visit with Laura Butler

Thursday night we had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with Laura Butler. We met the Butler family while living in Beatrice, Nebraska in 2004. Gail and Blake have three beautiful daughters. Laura is their oldest and she is studying to be an OB/Gyn doctor.

She has been in Peru volunteering at a clinic in the village of Chimbote, about 8 hours north of Lima by bus. Her assignment had ended and she spent a few days going to Machu Picchu and surrounding areas. She flew home Thursday night.

While in Lima, she took a tour of the city. Then, after the tour, Laura, her travel companion, Robert, David and I met at the “Love Park”. From there, we had a quick dinner before their tour guide whisked them off to the bus station, for Robert, to catch his bus back to Chimbote and Laura, to the airport, to catch her flight home.

Oh my gosh, it was so wonderful to see Laura again! We got all of the news about Beatrice!!!! We have such fond memories of Beatrice and really miss it there. The time went way too quickly. Thank you, Laura, for making the effort to see us. It was a fantastic evening!

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