Sunday – A walk to Chorrillos

This Sunday, March 9th, David and I walked to Chorrillos, about 1 1/2 hours from our apartment. Chorrillos is another district of Lima and is just down the beach from us. So, we walked along the beach which was nice as there was a nice breeze. Close to where we live, the beaches are rocky. However, as we passed through the district Barranco (between Miraflores and Chorrillos) the beaches became more sandy and crowded.

They have umbrellas for rent and they are so close together, there isn’t any sun on part of the beaches! Just a few too many people for me. I read somewhere that Peruvians aren’t bothered by standing or being close to another person. This is so true on the beaches!!! The closeness would drive me crazy.

Once at Chorrillos, we walked around the pier and fish market. It was a lively place. There were every kind of variety of fish…some that I have purchased at the supermarket but have no idea what it is in English…or if there is an equivalent to the type of fish down here. Some is very good, others I can pass on.

There were food vendors with cerviche (a raw fish dish). Cerviche is one of my favorite foods down here. It is raw fish cooked in lime juice and sooooo good! I was tempted to eat at one of these vendors, but decided I should be careful. You never know what kind of a “bug” you can pick up at one of those places….I have been sick once down here and once is enough!!

From the fish market we walked to the town of Chorrillos at the top of the cliff that Lima is built on. They have a lovely walkway (or malecon) along the ocean. We enjoyed the view while strolling along the malecon before catching a taxi back to Miraflores.

In Miraflores, we were going to try paragliding, but the wind had died down. There were about 15 paragliders at the launch station just waiting for the wind to pick up. We waited for awhile, but then left as there didn’t seem to be much hope. We saw later that a couple were able to go, but not the whole group. So, hopefully, next week.

It was a nice, relaxing Sunday. David was able to relax before his busy week this week.

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