The Waiting Was Much Worse

Today was the day of my biopsy. Now that it is behind me, I must say that it turns out the waiting was the worse part! The biopsy that I had was a stereotactic at the Maine Medical campus in Scarborough, ME. It was definitely a case of “fear of the unknown”.

After the procedure, the Dr told me that she got 90% of the calcifications and I should know the results no later than Wednesday. The doctor sounded very encouraging and I am very, very optimistic with the outcome.

So, that is the good news. The bad news is my step-father, Paul, fell while outside this morning and it appears he broke his pelvis. At this writing, they are still taking X-rays to make a diagnosis.

Also, I will be attending my third funeral, in two weeks, this Thursday. Our dear friend, Mr McCarthy, passed away quite suddenly on Saturday morning. Our thoughts are with the whole McCarthy family during this sad time.

David is enjoying our beautiful apartment, especially the balcony overlooking the five miles of beaches. He loves the project. So, life is good for him in Chile. I can hardly wait to get down there!!!

I will post the good news that I get from the Dr as soon as I hear. Much thanks for every ones love and support – it has been a huge help!!!

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