Third Time’s A Charm!!!

Greetings to all from La Serena, Chile. The last I reported was I was having some issues with a mammogram and had to go in for a biopsy. Thanks to God, the test all came back negative. I didn´t realize it at the time, but I think I was holding my breath the whole week while I was waiting for the biopsy to happen. When I received the good news, I just exhaled for the longest time. So, thank you one and all for your prayers, support and positive energy you sent my way. It worked.

Before anything else could happen, I was on the next plane out of Boston heading for Chile. This was my third time making reservations to fly!!! Third time is a charm…..I arrived last Thursday, August 14th. Oh my gosh, was it ever wonderful to see David!!!! I just ran into his arms and hugged him for the longest time.

I am getting settled in our cute apartment that David did such a great job picking out. We are enjoying the sunsets from our balcony each night. The beach is beautiful. Right now, it is quiet because it is winter here. The days are sunny but cool and the nights tend to get cold. Thank goodness for the comfortor on our bed!!! It is interesting that the apartments have no heat. We have a small propane portable heater that works great if it is right beside where you are sitting, but fails to heat the whole room!!! The busy months will be January and February, which we are bracing ourselves for.

I just spent the day today exploring the central part of La Serena. It is about an hour walk from our apartment. They have a central park…Las Armas…and an artisan center not far from Las Armas. I must say, I think the Peruvians are better crafts people than the Chileans!!

Also, there is a great new mall. It is about a 40 minute walk from the apartment and the gym is about a 30 minute walk. I am planning on getting a bicycle to peddle to the gym and the local veggie and fish market.

David finally has an interpreter who is from England. Carol has lived here for about 19 years. She came here after high school to visit family…her mom is Chilean. While here, she met her husband and never left. She has been a huge help to both of us in getting us settled in.

So, we are adapting well, loving the beach, David is loving his project….all we need now is the internet hooked up in the apartment…Still, life is great!!! Thanks again for your prayers and support.

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