The Eagle has Landed

So, David and I are leaving today for Maine via Amtrak. We leave at 2:30 this afternoon and take a bus to Chicago. From Chicago, we go by train to Albany, NY. Because they are working on the tracks in Connecticut, we get another bus in Albany to South Station in Boston. In Boston, we will get a bus to Portland and arrive there at 1:00 on Wednesday morning! Part of the reason we are taking the bus/train is for the adventure. The other reason is because of our luggage. We have 5 large duffel bags and 4 carry-ons. With the airlines, it would cost us close to $1200+. Amtrak allows 3 pieces of luggage each and 2 carry-ons, all for the bargain of $300.

On Thursday, we will head to Moosehead with David’s buddy, Pete ,to do some bird hunting and visit with my parents. We will be back in Portland on Sunday and will pack to head to Georgia so David can deer hunt with his buddy, Charlie. David so enjoys hunting in the fall and it has been such a long time since he has been able to go. He is really looking forward to it all.

The other thing that I wanted to share was all of the wildlife that we saw while staying out here in Wisconsin. We saw the eagle in a field nearby feasting on the carcass of a deer. In Perry and Michael’s backyard we saw four turkeys one morning and most nights, up to six deer. There were a pair of Sandhill Cranes constantly flying around, a Blue heron that made its evening appearance at their little pond and just today, I saw an owl.

One night, David and I went out in the woods and tried to see some deer. We heard them all around us but they never appeared where we were sitting. We did hear a buck snort….a first for me. It was loud and sounded big. I wish we had seen him.

It has been a wonderful visit here. I hate to leave but honestly, I will be so glad to get rid of all of the luggage!!!

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