Good to be Home!

What a long, long ride!!! Monday, we left Madison, WI on a bus for Chicago at 2:30 and arrived at Union Station around 6:00 PM. We purchased our tickets, got all of the luggage checked in and boarded the train at 10:00 PM. Tuesday afternoon at 5:30…an hour and a half behind schedule….we changed trains in Albany, New York. We were very concern about the time as we needed to catch the last bus to Portland from South Station at 11:15 PM.

Fortunately, they allow for delays in the schedule and even though we arrived in Boston 45 minutes late, we were still able to catch the last bus. It certainly wasn’t fun traveling with all of that luggage….especially in Boston as they do not have any luggage carts in either South Station or the bus terminal!!!

We arrived at our home in Cape Elizabeth at 2:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Wes, our house-sitter, has been busy and as always, it looks great! This time around, he has had the recessed lighting put in over the kitchen sink, over the bar connecting the kitchen and dining room and over the living room shelf that houses the ship David’s grandfather carved. The new dining room furniture and braided rug are installed and the mud room is a fun sprout green color. I just love, love, love it all.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 9, we are heading to Moosehead to visit with my parents. Plus, David and his buddy, Pete, are going bird hunting. Many an autumn has passed that David has been unable to hunt so he is really looking forward to it. It is so nice to see him really and truly relaxing. This time off has been a blessing.

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