And the next assignment is……..

Saskatoon,Saskatchewan!!! We are really excited. I have to laugh because after spending Christmas in Argentina last year in 100 degree weather, I told David that I didn’t care where in the world we were this year, at Christmas I wanted to be in cold weather. Now, when I said that, I was envisioning Banff, Alberta or Switzerland!!! Well, I guess I am going to get my wish and I will be in cold for Christmas…..not quite what I had envisioned but that is OK…it will feel like Christmas this year!

We arrived back in Maine last Wednesday night. On Sunday, David headed to the Maine woods for a week of deer hunting. Now, many of you may frown on this; but I, the pseudo-vegetarian, understand the necessity of hunting. It is necessary to keep the herds healthy. Without hunting, the animal population gets out of control and the animals die a more horrible death. When the animals get over-populated, disease runs rampant among them. Just last winter, there was a herd of deer that was attacked by coyotes and approximately 36 deer were killed, just for the sake of being killed. If we have a particularly hard winter, food is scarce and the deer have a difficult time finding food and walking through the deep snow. Thus, they starve to death. Hunting is a more humane death that the alternatives. Now, mind you, I don’t want to be around the hunt or see the results, but I do believe that hunting is like insurance….a necessary evil!

Our plans for the rest of November includes more travel. David leaves Nov 11 for Saskatoon for a round of meetings to kick-off the project, which is a potash mine. Potash is used in glass, soap and fertilizer. On November 14, David will fly to Wisconsin for another hunt with my brother, Perry. I will be driving to WI to meet them and together, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. November 30th, David will fly back to Saskatoon to start work on December 1. I am not certain at this point if I will return to Maine and fly to Saskatoon or continue from WI driving to Saskatoon. Either way, it is a new adventure and we are so excited.

So, the elections are over. We are living through a very historic time. Let us all pray that our country will be healed and once again, shine as the great nation that we are.

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