Arrived safe in Wisconsin

Our belongings from Peru arrived Monday (11/17)morning at 10:30. By 2:00 in the afternoon, I was on the road driving to Wisconsin. I drove to Utica, NY the first day and spent the night there. By 6:00 AM the next morning, I was on the road again.

I wasn’t planning on doing the trip in just two days; however, my GPS said that I would arrive by 10:00 PM. That seemed doable, so I just kept driving through….953 miles later, I arrived….and very close to 10:00 PM. It was a long day of driving and yes, I was a little tired; but for the most part, I was fine.

Oh My Gosh, I love, love, love my GPS!!!! It is a Garmin Nuvi 260. It is the best thing since sliced bread!!! At one point, I got off the interstate to find a hotel. I think I “zigged” when I should have “zagged“, anyway I ended up on a desolate Rt 5 with no hotels in sight. So, I reprogrammed “Maggie” and she got me back to the interstate. Plus, it was so wonderful driving through Chicago. I was driving through about 6:30, so traffic was still a little busy, but I was so relaxed as I just had to follow “Maggie’s” instructions.

One funny thing about traveling through Chicago is I didn’t pay the tolls like I should have. I just zipped right through, I was concentrating so much on being in the correct lane. I saw the signs for the “I-pass”/Cash lanes, but honestly thought that we were suppose to pay when we exited the interstate….like in New Jersey. For some reason, at the very last toll, I went into the cash booth and asked if I should have been paying all of the tolls. The answer was yes and he gave me a paper that gave me the instructions on how to pay the missed tolls. I did that yesterday….so, hopefully, I am all squared-away with the state of Illinois!

David flew in yesterday morning from Saskatoon. He is all excited about “deer camp” here at my brother’s house. The picture above is Perry and Michael’s home….not quite what one would picture for a “deer camp”!!!

We spent this morning walking around their property (they have 125 acres) scouting for deer signs. There were several deer trails, prints, scrapings and we saw a deer rub…that I must brag, I saw first!!! Their property is so beautiful, it was a nice morning.

We will be spending Thanksgiving in the Milwaukee area with Michael’s family. It will be a great time as they are a fun-loving group and lots of them. Then, most likely on Friday, David and I will head to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to start our next big adventure. We are excited.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are definitely counting our blessing this holiday season….we certainly feel blessed and most grateful for the wonderful family, friends and life that we have.

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