Arrived in Saskatoon

We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with Michael’s family. It was a house full and lots of food. On Friday morning, David and I were heading north to his new assignment. We spent one night in Grand Forks, ND and arrived here in Saskatoon on Saturday night at 10:00. Once again, we were so grateful for our new GPS. “Maggie” got us to the corporate apartment. At one point on the trip here, David looked at me and said thank-you for buying “Maggie”!!

When we arrived, the weather was fairly mild…in the 40s. The night before last, we had incredibly high winds. It was so strong that it blew the siding off some of the houses! Yesterday and today, it has cooled considerably to about 7 degrees. This morning we woke to a light dusting of snow.

Saskatoon appears to be a nice city. It has beautiful walking trails along the river and a couple of walking bridges over the river. The downtown has small shops, a mall and cinema center. We only wish that we were coming here in April so we could really enjoy exploring the various trails. Yes, it is still possible, but I would prefer it a little warmer!!!

Currently, we are staying in a corporate apartment but will be moving to our permanent apartment on December 20. We so lucked out with our new place! It is GORGEOUS!!! One of the engineers on this project is being transferred to a project in New Brunswick and we are taking over his lease.

We will be living on the six floor with a lovely view of the river. Across the street, is the walking trail that follows the river and we are close to everything downtown. The apartment is fully furnished, has hardwood floors, granite counter tops and best of all, underground parking!

So far, the people I have met here are very friendly. The wives on this project are very nice and I look forward doing activities with them. So, all in all this looks like it is going to be a great, new adventure. Stay tuned…..

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