Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Belly Dancing

Life continues to go well here. We enjoyed the Super Bowl game with a group of about 10 people here….David and I were the only Americans. The rest were from Canada, Australia and Zimbabwe. It was a great game, no? I was cheering for Arizona and thought they were going to win. I am just glad that the Steelers didn’t run away with the game. It was a nice time sharing with David’s co-workers. The one bummer about watching the game here in Canada was we didn’t get to see any of the commercials….they were all Canadian based commercials…..I mean, the commercials are a huge part of game. Thank goodness for the internet!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I found the BEST valentine card for David. It was sooooo good, I gave it to him last Sunday. I just couldn’t wait. On the outside it reads “Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you”. Then on the inside it says “oh yeah, now I remember, you put up with me!!!” That is so, so perfect. He really does put up with me in so many ways. David loves it. He keeps it on his bed stand and reads it every night to me, just as a reminder!

I took my first guitar lesson last Friday. I enjoy my teacher….he has the patience of a saint, which I fear he will need. I am a tad challenged in the musical area, but I will continue to plug away at it for the fun of it.

The weather on Sunday was glorious. We found a great trail by the river to enjoy. It was fun as it is also a trail for dogs off leash, so there were dogs running around everywhere.

Yesterday, I went to the library for a belly dancing demonstration. At the end of the show, we learned a few of the moves. It was fun. Maybe another thing for the bucket list! I would love to take classes but they only have them at night and I don’t want to take any other time away from being with David. So, maybe when David gets an assignment in the mid-east…which is one of his dreams….I will pursue belly dancing.

I continue to feel better. I am able to exercise without any side effects, thank goodness. I have decided to commit to running the Disney Marathon, next January, for “Team in Training” which means I will raise money for research for the Leukemia foundation. I want to do it to honor my friend’s husband, who passed away last year, way to young from leukemia. I have started to build my foundation for the 26.2 miles. It is a long, slow process.

OK, have to run for now, but that gives you an update on our activities in the cold north…the cold weather has returned. As I write this, it is 3 F!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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