Leaving for Maine tomorrow, April 1

This trip wasn’t really planned. However, my nephew, Patrick, is home in Maine on leave for the first time in two years. Patrick is my sister, Kathy’s son. He enlisted in the Marines after graduating from college and for the past two years, he has been “neatly tucked away” in Okinawa, Japan. On April 30th, he leaves for Afghanistan. So, I just had to go home to see him.

It is going to be a fast and furious trip. I leave at 5:30 tomorrow morning and land in Boston at 2:30. I will hop the bus to Bangor and arrive there at 8:30 tomorrow night. I will stay with Kathy and her family until Friday. On Friday, I will go to Augusta and spend two nights with my dad. Sunday, I will be at my home in Cape Elizabeth. Monday, I will return to Boston and spend the night at a hotel at the airport as I have a 6:00 AM flight out on Tuesday morning…..phew!!!

David and I had a nice weekend. I think the weather has finally started to turn. The days are starting to get longer which is so, so nice. The days are really sunny and although the wind can be chilly it certainly helps the attitude!!!

We went to the garden show last weekend. The flowers were beautiful and the butterfly garden was so neat. Sunday was a lovely day and we enjoyed a walk. There are actually patches of grass. The Canadian geese are coming back and the ice is melting in the river.

Before I finish this, I must tell you about the bills for my concussion from the hospital and doctor. I was at the emergency room from 8:00 at night until 5:30 in the morning. While there, I had a cat scan, x-ray, two EKGs and blood work. My emergency room bill came to $455 US, which by US standards is amazing, no? So, the Dr bill arrived last week and was $1,815…again, that is amazing by US standards. However, compared to the ER bill, I was surprised. I called the billing office to see how they wanted me to pay for the bill. I wasn’t going to question the bill, but as I was talking to the lady, I mentioned the difference between the two bills. I felt like I was walking a fine line. I didn’t want to appear like the “ungrateful” American because the prices are considerably lower compared to our US fees.

Anyway, the lady agreed with me and said that she needed to check into it and would call me back. Well, when she called back, she had GREAT news!!! The Dr had put the wrong code and I was billed for an ICU visit and the corrected bill was $388!!! I am so glad I said something!

OK, it is late and I have to get a couple hours of sleep before I head to the airport. Please say prayers for Patrick, that angels will protect him and all of our men fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, please remember my friend, Jill, who is fiercely fight colon cancer. Thanks…may God bless you!

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