Pay It Forward

I am a firm believer in trying to do a “random act of kindness” each day. Sometimes I don’t always achieve it, but I try. Often, I let the person, behind me, in the check-out line go ahead of me, if they have fewer things. Then, I jokingly tell them it is my random act of kindness for the day and they have to pass it on!

I have been going to the physical therapist on a weekly basis for the past 3 months or so. My body tends to go out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. My standing appointment is at 11:30 on Tuesday mornings. This past Tuesday, I was in the waiting room waiting for the therapist. An elderly gentleman came in and said he was there for his 11:30 appointment, with Trevor, my therapist. The receptionist hesitated, looked at the schedule and kindly explained that his appointment was the next day, Wednesday, at 11:30. Could he come back tomorrow?

Well, bless his heart, he said he wasn’t certain as he had other appointments and didn’t know what time they were. I could tell that he was getting flustered. I felt so sorry for him, so I told the, Darcy, receptionist he could have my appointment and I would just take his appointment for the next day. It really wasn’t a big issue….I mean, I am a princess and can be flexible. So, I checked off “do a random act of kindness today” from the “to do” list and off I went shopping.

Wednesday arrived, I went to the 11:30 appointment, met with the therapist and then paid Darcy. She thanked me again for changing the appointment which I replied that it really wasn’t that big of a deal and that should it happen again, just ask if I could switch. Darcy went onto explain that the gentleman lived out of town, so I was extra grateful that I gave him my appointment.

Then, Darcy reached under her desk and pulled up the beautiful flower arrangement as a thank you to me!!! Oh my gosh, I was floored! I said thank you a thousand times, that she really didn’t have to do it. She replied that I didn’t have to change my appointment and that in the years she had been working there, I was only the second person to do it.

I just love the flowers and have really been enjoying them, but I really can’t believe that she went through all the trouble. Still, I really appreciate the lovely gesture.

David was at the job site for a couple of nights this week. I spent my evenings watching a Mexican “novella” or soap opera on a DVD, with hopes to improve my Spanish. What a riot that thing was. A friend from my class lent it to me. Talk about drama, drama, drama! Unlike our American soap operas, novellas have an ending. I stayed up until 1:00 AM to see if Maria Isabel would ever find happiness. I am pleased to say, she did!

David came home last night, Thursday, the 21st. It was our 21st wedding anniversary. We really aren’t doing anything to celebrate on the actual day, but next Friday, the 29th, we are flying to Vancouver, British Columbia for 3 nights. We are so excited. 21 years ago, David’s company was going to transfer us to Vancouver right after our wedding. We had planned to “honeymoon” across Canada on our way out there. Two weeks before the wedding, they told David that they couldn’t get a work permit for him, so they were transferring him to Atlanta! Living in Atlanta was wonderful, but we have always longed to see Vancouver. Finally, 21 years later, we are getting there!

The weather continues to go up and down like a roller coaster. Last week, it was 70 degrees on Tuesday. Wednesday it was spitting snow and Thursday, it was a downright blizzard! The weekend was lovely with temps in the high 60s. This week, it has been in the 50s or lower. They are predicting warmer weather this weekend. The grass is getting green and the trees are starting to show their leaves. I actually heard a lawn mower yesterday.

No major plans for this weekend. We are having some friends over Saturday night to help my Spanish classmate, Don, plan his trip to Peru in July. We will probably go for a long bike ride. Last Sunday, we went for a bike ride and got lost! We had to stop other cyclist to ask how to get back to downtown. Our ride ended up being 16 miles…found where the cranberry flats are here. That is on my “bucket list” to see cranberry flats at harvest time. So, I am excited for autumn.

Guitar lessons are totally frustrating right now. I can’t seem to learn how to just do a basic strum. I learned one from years ago and it doesn’t work for every song. So, many songs, I have the chords to, which I can play, but I can’t figure out the strum. I spent my half-hour class learning a basic strum and once I got home, promptly went back to the old one that I know….how frustrating. My teacher said he would email me exercises. He has faith that I will get it….I don’t know!

Have to close for now as our new landlady is coming by in an hour for us to sign the lease. We are moving a smaller condo, one floor above us. So, even though it is a pain to move, I am grateful that we found an affordable condo in this building. We love the building, the underground parking and the location. Our move will be July 1. Although this is a lovely condo that we are in, we actually like the new one better. It is a 2 bedroom but a tad smaller than the one we are currently in. The walls are a pale yellow and it just feels cozier.

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone…..try to remember to thank a Vet for the sacrifice that they made to allow you to live in such a great country.

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  1. if anyone deserved those flowers you did – you are one of the most generous people I know. Have a wonderful trip next weekend.Jill xoxooxoxo

  2. if anyone deserved those flowers you did – you are one of the most generous people I know. Have a wonderful trip next weekend.
    Jill xoxooxoxo

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