22 Blissful Years!

Well, it was 22 blissful years ago that I had the best day of my life! It was the day that I said “I do” to David, my wonderful, amazing and very patient husband. This year, we are celebrating our anniversary on the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Each year at this time, we always say “well, I wonder where we will be celebrating next year!”….the Dominican Republic wasn’t even on the radar! Last year, we celebrated in Vancouver….talk about extremes!

It has been another busy week that has zipped by. It just seems like this morning that David left….that is a good thing. I went to spinning class (a stationary bike riding class) three times this week. Boy, what a workout! Sometimes, I feel like that the spinning class make running a marathon more like a 5K! After my spinning class, I walk the beach to the gym where I have been lifting weights. Then, I walk the beach home, which takes me about a half hour. Just walking the beach is a good workout! David doesn’t know it yet, but he got me 10 sessions with the trainer at the gym as an anniversary gift..thanks, sweetie!

I have arranged to meet with a lady Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice Spanish. She is studying to be a lawyer. We met once this week and I really liked her. So, I am looking forward to spending more time together and improving my Spanish. In reality, one really doesn’t need to know Spanish or at least very little here on the north shore. Just about everyone speaks English. In a way, that is good. However, it is frustrating for me as I really do want to improve my Spanish. I get so frustrated when I can’t express myself properly or find the right words. I will keep plugging away at it.

Life is good, we continue to be blessed and are so grateful for being back on the surfboard of life.

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