Hurricane Season

As you can see by the pictures, with hurricane Earl, we had high winds, rains and seas. The picture on the left is taken from my balcony showing the tide reaching the wall of our condo. It has been 10 years since the north shore has been hit by a hurricane. There is a mountain range that passes through the Dominican Republic and if the hurricane comes in from the south, the mountain range protects the north shore.

This picture shows the boats that were on the beach during Earl and how they were pushed to the San Souci hotel nearby.
It was a rough day for the Buddy, Poco and Nellie, the beach dogs that I take care of. At one point, I had them in the garage of the building to keep the safe and dry. As you can see, they are happy that the storm had passed!

Yesterday, was a sunny beautiful day but the waves were incredibly high due to Hurricane Igor. For now, all is well….I just pray that we will get through this season quickly and quietly!

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