La Boca (Mouth of the River)

I think that the Dominicans love the rivers here in their country, more than the beach and ocean. I remember when I lived in Jarabacoa, 27 years ago, many of the house’s free day was spent tubing down the rivers there. It is no different here in Cabarete. Sunday, we made our way to “La Boca” which is the mouth of the river that empties into the ocean.

A group of Barrick people went out for Sunday afternoon lunch. Aaron and Lauren are from New Zealand and Australia, respectively, Joe and Wannell are form Nevada, as are Marcus, Kim and their son, Josh. The food was wonderful. They serve a variety of fish…sea bass, crabs, crayfish, lobster and chicken. The side dishes are fried platanos, rice and beans and salad.

Where there are Dominicans, there is music and it is usually loud, especially the bass! There was much activity going on dancing, eating, volleyball games and baseball. It really was a fun, lively place.

It is the best of both worlds….fresh water from the river and around the corner, is the beautiful beach and ocean!

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