Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula

David and I had a weekend get-away at La Terrenas a couple of weekends ago. It is located on the north shores of the Samana Peninsula and is about 3 hours from where we are living in Cabarete. This is the view that we had going up the mountain to get to Las Terrenas. There were several places where the road had been washed out. In the forefront of this picture, you can see the retaining wall that was being built to reinforce the sides of the roads.

There are several German and French expats living in this area. The main mode of transportation appeared to be 4 wheel ATVs. Along with the typical Dominican mini-markets, there were some French bakeries and we even found a magazine store with English magazines!! The colors throughout the town reminded us of Key West, Florida!

We stayed in the cutest hotel. On the outside, it appeared to be like any other hotel. However, as you can see by this picture it was quite unique. Each room was an apartment and you know me, I just loved, loved, loved the colors!!! It was very quiet there, however, at night, there was a bird just outside our window that chirped all night. It wasn’t a “tweet” but sounded more like a squeak in a fan that needed some WD-40! So very annoying. It only went away in the morning because we had a downpour of rain!

There is a row of restaurants on the beach called Pueblo de Pescadores (Fisherman’s Village). This is where we ate dinner, looking out over the beach and ocean. It was great…pitcher of Sangria, fresh fish…David had squid and I had some kind of grilled fish.

We watched a couple of fisherman prepare to go fishing for the night. It amazes us when we see them leave in their boats, like this one, to go in the open ocean for a night of fishing. We often see them leaving from Cabarete beach as well. The next day, as we were leaving our hotel, we saw these men as they were returning. It was pouring rain and they were huddled under a tarp as they were making their way back to shore.

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the sunset on the beach with a bottle of wine. It was a very lovely time. Unfortunately, Sunday was a day of heavy rains. We were hoping to explore the area a little more as there are some beautiful beaches west of Las Terrenas, but David was a little nervous about getting over the mountain road. We had breakfast at one of the French bakeries. I had a chocolate croissant and coffee. David had whole wheat bread and juice.

Near Las Terrenas is a remote National Park, Las Haitises. This was where season 10 of Survivor was filmed. We came across this “Survivor Boat” on the shore. I think it might be from the show…do you, too?

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