The Journey

Well, I just glanced over my last entry. It was certainly gloomy, no? I am glad to write that I am in a much, much better place. I feel that much has to do with the amazing book that my dear friend, Hannah, lent me.

It is by Dolores Cannon, Between Death and Life. She is a regressionist hypnotist who has written several books on her experiences taking people back through their several lives. In Between Death and Life, she is communicating with spirits who have passed from this life to the spiritual realm. It has been a fascinating read. The messages that I have gotten from this book is we have to live more than one life to reach the ultimate goal that we are all striving for and that is to be one with God. We have to live more than one life to learn all the lessons that we need to learn. The book talks about God, Buddha, Allah and other spiritual leaders. However, our ultimate goal, as a population, is to be one with God.

Another recurring point throughout the book was we manifest what we put out to the universe. This was mentioned several times. I have really tried to keep my thoughts positive and when something negative pops in, I quickly address it and switch it was a positive thought. Each morning, I get a “message from the Universe”…..another gift from Hannah! I just love them but one of the sayings always at the end of the message is: “Thoughts become things, choose good ones!” The same message in the book.

Other messages from the book I found interesting:

The Bible was started as the word of God but over the years has been changed to control the masses and for what the transcribers felt was right or needed for that time period. For a long time, I have believed that if women had the privilege to read and write when the Bible was being written, it would be much different today. Still, it is a great book for people to base their lives morals on.

There is no “hell”. That was a tool used by the church to control the masses. There is no “evil”. Evil is energies which are misguided or misdirected. In the spirit world, there is no concept of evil. The word “evil” has been given for humans to understand the concept of disharmony.

Before we reenter life on earth, while in the spiritual world, we examine what lessons we learned in the last life, what lessons we want to work on in the next life. We have a “mapped course” of the various things that are to be worked on. However, we still have free-will and that sometimes alters the course that we are on. Things donʼt always go as planned and so, we need to work on the original items in yet, another life.

To protect oneself from negative elements, one can pray for protection to surround you and your surroundings. Asking for it through Jesus Christ, seals the deal.

There should be no fear in dying because it is a natural process to us, much like breathing. We have died several times over our many lifetimes and it isnʼt the end but a time for rest and review. The body dies but the spirit lives on…..oh, and one of the best things….we get to see our loved ones again!!!

When we die, it is as we imagine it to be. If one imagines a carnival, that is what they will arrive to. If one imagines that they will go down a long hall toward a bright light and at the end, will see Jesus, that is what they will have. People who have had near death experiences, have experienced a beautiful light that they walk toward. This does happen. It is to prepare the person for the shock of leaving the physical world to go to the spiritual.

When I have thought of dying, I have imagined that I would first go to a movie theater and have a review of my life…the good, the bad and the ugly. It wouldnʼt be a judgment type of thing, just a gentle reminder of how I grew and matured throughout that life. Then, the next movie would be one that would answer all the questions that we never had answers to…who killed JFK, did Marilyn Monroe really die of suicide, where is Jimmy Hoffa, etc. After the “movies”, I believe that there will be a great party to see all of my loved ones who have passed before me….including all the wonderful animals that have touched my life. There will be lots of fun colors and tons of balloons. It will be a good thing to pass over to the spiritual world and tons of fun!

There are so many interesting thoughts throughout the book. I absorbed it and took notes. One of my favorite thoughts: “You must not hope, you must believe.” Hope has no power or strength, but believing does. With belief, we can work toward our ultimate destiny.”

Lessons that we should try to learn while on earth are unconditional love, tolerance and patience.

All in all, it was a fascinating read for me. It confirmed some beliefs of mine, answered questions and gave me a different and new perspective on the purpose of this life on earth.

So my spiritual journey continues. I am more open to things that happen around me and look at it them with wonder and questions…is this part of my karma? what lesson am I to learn from this? what is going to come from all of this?

It is all good. One of my messages from the universe was: Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone and do what you’ve never done, Sharalyn, because both are necessary to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve never been.
Be the ball, The Universe

So, I am content once again….in a much better place! Thank you for your prayers, concern and support!


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