Christmas 2012

In all the craziness of the kitchen remodeling and traveling to Bangor, I did find carve a little time to decorate for Christmas.  David flew home on the 17th and we had two wonderful weeks together with family and friends.  As always, the time passed way too quickly.

Christmas celebrations this year was spent between Augusta and Bangor…..have I mentioned in any of my blogs that while home I put 4,000 miles on my car????  Anyway, Christmas eve day we drove to Augusta and went to Christmas eve service with my brother, Perry and my mom, who had come down for the night.  The service was lovely and ended with the congregation singing Silent Night by candlelight.

After the service, we went to the Dawson’s Christmas Eve party.  We have been going to the Dawson’s since I was a little girl.  I just love this time seeing families that I grew up with in Hallowell.  Whenever we are in Maine for Christmas, you can be certain that I will be at the Dawson’s party!!!  If we are away, I always try to call to let them know I am thinking of everyone and how much I miss them!!!

Christmas morning, David, my dad and I went over the my brother Mike’s home to celebrate with his family.  We had a great breakfast of waffles, fruit and mimosas!  After breakfast, we all gathered around their tree and watched as the family opened their gifts.

Then, it was onto Bangor to visit with Kathy’s family and to see Paul at the Veteran’s home.  We only had a short visit with Paul as he was very tired when we arrived and wanted a nap.  Throughout the rest of the day, the other family members went over for visits.  We had discussed about bringing him to Kathy’s for the day but thought that would confuse him more.  In the end, we went to him.

We watched Kathy and Kevin’s family open their presents.  One of the loveliest gifts/surprises was for mom.  A group of her friends in their park in Florida got together and organized a “While You Were Out” episode and painted their home in Florida.  They sent pictures which Kevin showed in a slide show on the television.  It was such a special and thoughtful way to show their support to mom and Paul.  This is a picture of Perry, Mom, David and me as we are realizing what the photos represent!  Their gesture was so kind and so very much appreciated!

David and I left Bangor late in the afternoon in a snow storm… had been a mild, mild winter. We had no snow right up until Christmas day.  The traveling to the southern part of the state on the interstate was reduced to 45 miles per hour.  If you obeyed the speed limit, it was safe enough…it was the “yahoos” that would pass us at 60 mph or more that were scary.  Those who chose to travel fast and pass us, we often passed them off the road in a snow bank….no sympathy from us!

It was a lovely Christmas spent with family and friends!!!

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