David Arrived Safely but late!

I got up this morning at 4:00…after only having 4 hours of sleep.  My internal clock can’t get adjusted to being in England!  I got the first train to the airport and arrived at 5:30 in time for David’s 6:00 AM arrival!  I checked the arrival board and son-of-a-gun….his flight had been delayed by an hour!  Oh well….better to be there waiting than to be late!

It was certainly a lesson in patiences.  According to the board, his flight landed at 7:00 but he didn’t walk out to the terminal until 8:15.  It isn’t like waiting for someone at the Portland Jetport!!
David and I both agreed that even though he was gone for 8 weeks, it doesn’t seem like it.  It feels as though we were never apart.

After getting settled, we headed out to buy tickets for the play Jersey Boys.  We are going tomorrow afternoon.  I can hardly wait!  One thing that David wanted to do was visit the Holland and Holland shop.  It is an exclusive gun shop that was only a 15 minute walk from where we were near Piccadilly Circus.

It was a gorgeous day!  It felt like summer and not the first of September.  Plus, the sun was shining something it hasn’t done since the first day I arrived. Our wanderings took us around Leicester Square, Chinatown, Covent Garden and the Seven Dials area.  It is where seven roads intersect. I love this area as each street has quaint shops and restaurants.

Dinner tonight was near where we are staying at a small Chinese restaurant where they make homemade pulled noodles.  I had some mixed with vegetables.  David opted for some in a chicken broth with wontons.  It was all very good but very expensive! We are being “killed” by the exchange rate.  It is $1.58 for a pound….so our noodle dishes and two waters came to $30!  We thought that was a tad steep!

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and for me, making my plans for Prague.  The flight is all made to fly on the 17th, after David leaves on the 16th.

Time to finish this and get to bed……………

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