Coffee and the Army Museum

This wonderful couple are Susana and Pedro who own the apartment that we are renting while we stay in London.  They are such interesting people who have lived and traveled around the world.  Pedro is a former ambassador for Mexico.

We had coffee with them today and had a lovely visit with them.  After our time together, David and I walked to the nearby Army museum that we passed on our way to the apartment the first day we came here.  

They had a nice display to honor War Horses.  Much reference was made to the book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo that in now a play and movie.  I know that I could never see the movie because of the suffering that the horses went through in the war, but I might possibly be able to read the book or see the play.  Parts of the display today were very disturbing to me.

About the only thing that I came away from this visit was what a waste war is and how many innocent people die.  Does the end really justify the mean?

Tomorrow is going to be a full day of touring to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the city of Bath.  It will be kind of fun to explore some place else in England.

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