Bonfire Night

As I type this, I can hear fireworks going off all around me to celebrate Guy Fawkes night, also referred to as Bonfire night.  On November 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested as he guarded explosives which were to be used to blow up the Parliament Building.

In celebration for the arrest of Guy Fawkes and the fact that King James I had escaped an attempt on his life, bonfires were lit around the city of London.  Months later, the Observance of November 5th Act was introduced and accepted as a public day of thanksgiving for the  failure or the plot.

Today, people celebrate by throwing an effigy of Guy Fawkes on huge bonfires and having a firework display.  This year, some of the celebrations were on Saturday night. I heard on the news that some people burned an effigy of Lance Armstrong due to accusations of taking illegal substances during the Tour de France race and ultimately, being stripped of his seven wins.

Today was a quiet Monday. I had a pleasant afternoon having a visit with Stephanie and her 18 month old, Ava.  Stephanie is originally from Kentucky and was working in Hong Kong where she met her husband.  They moved to London last May and I was fortunate to meet her my second week here at Waterstones, a bookstore on Kings Road.

It has taken us awhile to get together because of my trip and she was in Ireland for a visit.  We only live about 20 minutes apart, which is great!

The fireworks have stopped….another Guy Fawkes celebration is over, until next year!

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