Lord Mayor’s Show

On Saturday, the Lord Mayor’s Show took place.  I went to it after buying my ticket for Swan Lake.
It came down Fleet Street, which is close to the Opera house.  This event dates back to 1535 making it the longest established event in London.  Each year, a new Lord Mayor is appointed.  This parade celebrates his inauguration.  The position of Lord Mayor was once a very prominent position in England.

It should be understood that the mayor of London and the Lord Mayor are two separate positions.  The role of Lord Mayor is to represent, support and promote businesses and the people of the city of London.  He does not represent a political party and he is also has social and ceremonial responsibilities. He represents London abroad, visiting 22 countries.

In the parade, there were many military units, social service groups and a variety of unions represented.  The parade at times was serious with the military groups but other times, it was almost a carnival feeling. The floats full of people dancing to music or singing.  It starts at Guildhall and there is a brief stop for the Lord Mayor at St Paul’s Cathedral to receive a blessing from the Dean on the Cathedral steps.

The British certainly know how to put on a parade with all the pomp and circumstances!  The horses were absolutely stunning.  As were the many carriages carrying dignitaries.  Below are just a few photos of many that I took.

In the center is a member of the royal family. I believe it is Michael of Kent.  Gorgeous horses, no?

One of the many military groups

An example of the whimsical. This is the ING group.  Would you trust your money with them? 

One of the many coaches.

The Lord Mayor’s Coach!!!

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