Introducing Lizzie’s Lesson!


This is Lizzie, a sweet West Highland Terrier, that I had the pleasure of taking care of a couple of years ago while my dear friend, Suzanne, battled cancer.  I never had any intention of writing a second children’s book but after spending quality time with Lizzie, it became obvious that I need to share Lizzie with the world!

To be absolutely honest with you, I had known Lizzie for quite a few years.  She was one of four Westies that Suzanne had….Katie, Max, Maggie and Lizzie.  Katie was the “leader of the pack” but when she passed away, Lizzie took over the “alpha dog” role.  Max and Maggie were such sweet dogs but if Lizzie saw them getting too much attention, she would intervene quite aggressively to the point that the other dog would slink away.  For that reason, I never really warmed up to Lizzie whenever I was visiting with Suzanne.


Suzanne and Lizzie

My coolness towards Lizzie, quickly thawed when I brought her to my home and started spending time with her.  By the time this all happened, Lizzie was an “only dog.”  After spending time with her, I really believe that she should have been an “only dog” all along. With no “competition” nearby, she was really the sweetest dog and I quickly fell in love with her.

Poor Lizzie!!! When I first picked Lizzie up to stay  with me, she had been at a wonderful kennel for two weeks.  Then, another friend of Suzanne, had taken Lizzie for a week.  That friend had a yellow lab, which Lizzie, I think felt she had to “control.”  It wasn’t the best match.

I picked Lizzie up on a Saturday in Augusta, Maine and took her back to my home in Cape Elizabeth.  We arrived in the early evening, in time for her dinner.  img_2780

I love this photo of Lizzie….we had just arrived and she was looking up at me as if to say “Oh my goodness, where am I now????”


This photo was later in the evening and I think that she realized that she could relax and that she would be safe for awhile.

Lizzie and I quickly bonded and got into a routine.  We spent time walking on nearby beaches.img_2878

Snuggling….Both very tired but comfy together

She made herself very comfortable while staying with me and honestly, she got away with so much that I would never allow a small child to get away with!!!  Look at that sweet face!!!  How could I say “no?”  Ahhhhhhh!

In Lizzie’s Lesson, the message to children is, “When things change and I feel sad, I will always remember good comes from bad!”  In the book, I shared scenarios that I though children could face while growing up….friends moving away, getting hurt and having to go to the Dr, changing teachers each new year and finally, having a sick family member.  Some of the situations, Lizzie actually experienced….her mommy got sick and Lizzie actually got hurt on my watch.  I was devastated….she cut her paw in the park and I had to rush her to the vets.  She was fine but as you can see, she had quite the bandage!  img_0090

Since writing Lizzie’s Lesson, I have decided to add two more books for a series of 4 books…Brave Nellie, Lizzie’s Lesson….soon to come a book about my brother’s French Bulldog, Jack.img_1815

The fourth book will be about Nellie, Lizzie and Jack going on an adventure together!  So stay tuned for more announcements.


Lizzie’s Lesson is now available on Amazon:

and Barnes and Noble…

Release parties for Lizzie’s Lesson are happening:

Sunday, December 4, 2016,  2:00 – 4:00 PM in the afternoon.

Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe,   136 Water Street,   Hallowell, ME


Sunday, December 11, 2016,  2:00 – 4:00 PM in afternoon.

Cape Elizabeth Methodist Church, 280 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Book signings are being held:

Thursday, December 15, 2016  from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Maine General Medical Center’s Gift Shop, 35 Medical Center Pkwy, Augusta, ME


Friday, December 16, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Inland Hospital’s Gift Shop, 200 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville, ME

I hope to see all of my friends from Maine….and nearby NH, MA at one of these events!

It is my hope that Lizzie’s Lesson will touch at least one child’s heart and help them get through a challenging time by realizing that good does come from bad.  Thanks to the stories that people have shared with me, Brave Nellie has done just that.  It is those stories of how my book has helped children face challenges that make it all worthwhile!

I wish you blessing!


Saying Good-Bye to 2015

Quite unexpectedly, David and I found ourselves at home, in Maine on November 6, 2015.  David had returned to Namibia the first of September and I joined him on October 29.  It came as a surprise when David was released early from the project and within a week’s time of my arrival, we were flying back to Maine.

We were very much in a daze for the first few days of our arrival back to the states….everything happened so quickly, that at one point, we just looked at each other and said “What just happened?”

There is a reason for everything and with that thought, we plowed forward trying to figure out what our next plan of action would be.  We were excited to be home for the holidays with our family and decided that whatever we did, would have to wait until after the first of the year.

We have made the most of being home spending quality time with family and friends. We were home in time to help dad, who is going strong at 86 years of age, do leaf clean-up in his yard.  IMG_1412

He had fun on his new riding lawn mower sucking up all of the leaves while David helped dump them once the buckets got full.  My job was to blow them into a pile so Dad could just make a quick sweep of them.  He had a “system” and woe betide to the person who didn’t do as Dad said!!!IMG_1409

We try to spend as much time as possible with my dad, who lives 1 1/2 hours north of us in central Maine.  When we are with him, we make a point to go see my brother, Mike and his family.  To say the least, there is always activity going on and it is usually very entertaining at his home!

Mike and his wife, Kelsie, recently got a new four-legged family member, Gertie.  She is a cutie and loves company.  IMG_1416

Our nephew, Dylan, has a little girl, Allana.  She loves being outside and playing.  Mike bought her a small four-wheeler.  At two years old, she is too young to drive it herself but she and her daddy have fun on it together.  IMG_1418

As I write this, there is snow on the ground.  These cute photos are of Allana getting ready to go outside and play.



Getting help from “Bubba” putting her mittens on.


All bundled up….sans the mittens!!!

At Christmas, Allana received a small snowmobile from Dylan.  I just looked for a picture to share with you but don’t seem to have one.  It will have make certain to get one of Allana and her dad on that to share with you.  I predict that when she is older, Allana might become an Extreme Sport super athlete with the way she is being introduced to all types of machines to go fast!

My beloved Higgins Beach is still a great place for walks along the ocean.  I love the beach this time of year because there are fewer people and I can enjoy the solitude of the ocean sounds.


Occasionally, I am blessed to have a dog join me.  This day, I had my girlfriend’s dog, Lily.  She loves to explore the beach and is great company.  IMG_1476

A couple of events that we attended in November was Yarmouth High School’s presentation of the play Shrek.  I saw Shrek in London when I lived there in 2013.  I must say that the students put on a performance that would rival the professional show I saw.  It was a wonderful night. IMG_1413

Portland, Maine can now boast of having a Science Center.  The first exhibit was Body Worlds, which David and I visited.  It was very interesting but there was so much information to absorb in such a short period of time.  For those of you who have not heard of this exhibition, the bodies on display are actual human bodies that have been donated by people, during their lifetime, specifically to be used for this exhibit.  Through a process of plastination, the body fluids are removed and replaced with various types of plastic.


This figure was called the “X-lady”.  By presenting the body in this fashion, one can see the ball and sockets hip joints, the mouth and nasal structure and the heart, diaphragm, lungs and kidneys.

Another exhibit showed the various body parts that could be replaced to allow people to continue their active lifestyle while being pain-free.  For example, I remember seeing what a hip and knee replacement actually looked like.  Amazing, to say the least.

One of the more interesting part of the exhibit for me was how various diseases effected our bodies.  In the lung exhibit, it showed a healthy lung and one of a smoker.  After seeing that, if I were a smoker, I think I might be motivated to quit!


Lung of a non-smoker



Lung of a smoker

If you ever get an opportunity to see the Body Worlds exhibit, I would highly recommend it but just remember, to allow lots of time to be able to absorb all of the information that is presented!

December brought the Christmas season.  I got into the Christmas spirit early by decorating our home.  It seems like it had been ages since we could enjoy some Christmas traditions like sending out Christmas cards and decorating.  Last Christmas, we were in summer while climbing the famous red dunes of the Namib desert in Namibia!  This year, we were in winter wonderland of Maine!  Talk about extremes. IMG_1425

We took advantage of every opportunity to celebrate the season.  In Lewiston, Maine, the Shriners had their annual FEZtival of Trees.  Various businesses decorated over 40 Christmas trees each displaying a different theme…..for example, there was the NE Patriots tree with all items Patriot related, there was the Children’s tree full of toys, etc.  Each person visiting could purchase raffle tickets to try and win a tree of their choice.  I think it is an excellent fund-raiser and great way to “kick off” the holiday season.  IMG_1435

The first two weeks of December, the town of Kennebunkport, ME ring in Christmas with their annual Christmas Prelude celebration.  This year was the 34th year of the Christmas Prelude and I had never been.  There certainly was a festive atmosphere the night we went.  The stores were all brightly decorated, Christmas carols were being sung, since the streets were closed to traffic, people were milling about wearing jovial decorations, themselves….Christmas sweaters, earrings and necklaces resembling Christmas lights, fun Christmas hats.  You couldn’t help but get caught up in the Christmas spirit!IMG_1459


This photo was taken before the streets were closed to traffic.


Even Santa got into the festivities by preparing fried clams! IMG_1466

The highlight of night was the lighting of the Christmas tree in the town square.  Since it was the 34th year, the crowd counted down from 34 to light the tree.  As you can see, it was beautiful with the thousands of lights on it.

One of the most enjoyable Christmas events that we attended was the Christmas light display at the Botanical Garden in Boothbay Harbor.  For those of you who regularly read my blog, you might remember that I “ran away” to Boothbay last October. (see the post Summer/Fall 2015) During that time, I visited the beautiful Botanical Gardens and they were putting up the Christmas lights in preparation for the December light show.  At that time, I thought I was going to be in Africa over Christmas and didn’t think I would be able to see the display.

Being able to visit the Gardens Aglow presentation, was some of the “good” that came from the “bad” situation of David being released early from the Namibia project.  The lights were beautiful!  For me, Christmas isn’t about the presents but about the birth of Jesus, decorations and Christmas music.  My photos do not give this night justice and if ever you are near Boothbay Harbor at Christmas, I would hope that you put visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Aglow on your “must do list”!IMG_1515IMG_1511IMG_1508IMG_1489

The flagship store for LL Bean in Freeport, Maine has beautiful Christmas decorations as well.  The only photo I took, though, was of the Christmas tree.  After dark, there is a musical presentation where the lights are synced to the music. It is quite the spectacle!  IMG_1518

Near our home, is a walking trail that I frequently enjoy for morning walks.  One day, as I was walking along this trail, I happened upon trees decorated with items from nature.  It made me pause and smile.  It was such a lovely reminder of how beautiful nature is.  Often, I do not carry my cell phone but this day, fortunately, I did so can share my wonderful discovery with you. IMG_1485


Decorations of red berries and pieces of white birch bark.

Christmas was celebrated with family.  David and I enjoyed the morning with my brother Mike and his family.



Dad enjoying a good laugh.



Our niece and nephew, Jesse and Dylan

After they all finished opening their gifts, David and I spent the rest of the day with my other brother, Perry.  We all drove to our new cottage in Cundy’s Harbor so Perry could see the progress we have made on the renovations.  Back at Perry’s house, we exchanged gifts and had Christmas dinner.  As you can see, Jack was all dressed up for the holiday!


New Year’s Eve was very quiet.  David and I stayed in to watch a movie and toast the old year out and the new year in with a glass of wine.

This year, more than ever, I was more than happy to say good-bye to 2015 and welcome the new hope that 2016 offered.  I will close this posting with wishing you a belated and joyous New Year and I hope that your year is filled with overflowing blessings.

Maine, Florida, Boston and Loved Ones Lost – February – May, 2015

Oops! I just found some pictures to compliment what I was saying about beautiful Boston….so, a day after I posted this, I edited it to add the pictures.  Hope you enjoy them…..

Like I do every winter I flew back to Maine on February 17th,  to attend to filing our taxes. I don’t mind winter and figure returning in February, I have missed the brunt of it. I must confess, this year was a little difficult to leave summer of South Africa to return to the piles and piles and piles of snow that Maine had received.

In the past, when I flew from Johannesburg, I would fly Joburg, JFK, Portland, ME. This last trip, I had to fly Joburg, JFK, Boston….funny thing I discovered there are not many flights into Portland, Maine in the middle of February. I guess tourist don’t consider Maine “vacation land” while under several feet of snow. After exploring all of my options, I decided that it I would arrive home quicker if I flew into Boston and caught the bus to Portland.

When I arrived at the bus terminal at 6:30 PM, it was dark. I got a taxi to take me home and could not believe the height of the snow banks on the side of road. I had to have the taxi slow down as I couldn’t see past the snow bank to tell the driver where to turn for our street!! I have not seen that much snow since I was a youngster over 50 years ago.

It was a long, long winter and the spring wasn’t much better as it was so cold and dreary. One thing that totally amazed me was in the spring, there was a severe drought and we had fire warnings throughout the state. Now how does that actually happen after over 8 feet of snow has just melted?

It was an emotional winter of saying good-bye to loved ones. I can rationalize at 60 years old, I am at that age when many of my loved ones will be passing on. That said, it doesn’t get any easier to say “farewell.” I have shared before that I have a strong faith in God and truly believe that when people pass, they are going to a much, much better place. It is those of us who get left behind that I mourn for. We are left to pick up our lives and move forward knowing that it is going to be sometime before we see our loved ones again. Thank goodness for all of the memories.

Left to right: Dean Patterson, Judy Dawson Top L-R, myself and Suzanne Cohen

Bottom L-R: Dean Patterson, Judy Dawson
Top L-R, myself and Suzanne Cohen

In November, family and friends said good-bye to Judy Dawson who lost her long battle with lung cancer. Judy and her husband, Peter; who passed very suddenly a couple of years ago, were long-time residents of Hallowell, my hometown. I the antique round wooden table in her kitchen drinking a perpetual cup of coffee. I loved their Christmas Eve parties and if I was in Maine, I would always make an effort to attend. It was like stepping back into time being surrounded by so many friends from my formative years….the adults and their children, who now have spouses and families of their own.

December was the passing of another friend, Mike Williams who I met in 2000 when I lived in Pascagoula, Mississippi. While living in Pascagoula, I was embraced by this wonderful group of people who met every Thursday at the local coffee shop. It was there that I met Mike and we kept in touch after David got transferred. Mike was such a lovely man who had a strong commitment to his family and faith. His wife, Carolyn, had Alzheimer and Mike took care of her until his health failed due to COPD. He had to place Carolyn in a nursing home. She passed away on December 6 and December 14, Mike went to join her. I am grateful for the internet, phone and “snail mail”. I always hoped that I would see Mike one more time but guess that will have to wait for a little while longer.

The last time I saw Lizzie.

The last time I saw Lizzie.

In an earlier posting, I shared with you that the week before I left Johannesburg, for the states, Lizzie had to be put down. For those of you who don’t know, Lizzie was my girlfriend’s dog who I took care of last year for four months while Suzanne battled cancer. Lizzie and I bonded immediately and I was so excited to be returning home so I could take care of her again. Her illness happened very suddenly. It was liver failure and in a couple of days, she was gone. At 15 years old, she had a great life. It was such a shock, though because in January, she had her annual physical and the vet said that she looked great and would outlive us all.

I think that Lizzie sensed her mom and my dear friend, Suzanne Cohen, would soon lose her battle with cancer and didn’t want to be left behind. Suzanne had battled and beat cancer several years earlier. The doctors told her that she had a 5% chance of it returning. Great odds but sadly, Suzanne was in the 5%. She fought it valiantly and at one point, we thought that she had beaten it again. That wasn’t to be the case. A week after I returned to the states, Suzanne went to be with her husband, Dick, who had passed several years ago. Suzanne was a creative, energetic, smart business woman who had such an impact on my life. Always the encourager and seeing possibilities where others saw roadblocks, Suzanne helped me believe that I could travel to far away places. I honestly believe that she stayed on this earth long enough for me to get back to Maine to say my good-bye. It would have been so difficult to lose both of them without not being able to say good-bye to at least one of them. Thank you for that gift, Suzanne.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson

In March, David lost his dear friend and mentor, Don Johnson. It was Don who saw all the wonderful possibilities in David when he was working as a laborer for Don’s company. Through Don’s encouragement, David returned back to school. Whenever David had a lapse of confidence, this very humble man was a phone call away and would always say “I know you can do it.” There are so many stories of how this man touched peoples’ lives. It was evident at the memorial for him as over 600 people were there to pay their respect to him.

Thelma celebrating 90 years.

Thelma celebrating 90 years.

April, we said good-bye to Thelma Cousins and Lonnie Woodward. Thelma was our 90 year old neighbor and “second mother” to David. After she was widowed, she continued to live by herself. She was one of those stalwart “downeast” women. On March 29th, we celebrated Thelma’s 90th birthday with a surprise party and shockingly, two weeks later, she was gone. The neighborhood will not be the same without her across the street.

My mom and Lonnie in happier days

My mom and Lonnie in happier days

Lonnie lost his year long battle to ALS. I knew about ALS but had never been around someone who was diagnosed with it. It was a long year watching this vivacious and talented man decline. Even though he was unable to speak at the end, he always found a way to communicate and kept up his wonderful sense of humor. I have to sing praises to his wife Nancy. I only hope that if I am ever faced with a life challenge that I will handle it with the grace and strength that she did.

I have not shared these losses with you to depress you but to honor these people’s memories. They all had such important roles in David’s and my lives. For David and me, it has been much to absorb and process losing so many dear people. We are just grateful for our faith because we know that we will see them all again in the next life.
Mom turned 81 in March

My mom spends her summers in Maine and her winters in Florida. When my stepfather, Paul, was alive and in Maine in the Veterans Home with dementia; she didn’t spend as much time in FL. This winter, since my stepfather has passed, she was able to spend the full season there. I am not a fan of FL and try to spend as little time as possible there.

With my stepfather’s passing, this year was a year of many “first” for my mom. It was her first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Paul; her first Valentine’s Day and anniversary alone and then, it was her birthday. I didn’t want her to be alone for that day so made arrangements to fly to Florida to spend a week.

At that point, I had only been in Maine and the cold winter for about two weeks but I was ready to escape to the warmer climate of Florida. As fate would have it, it turned out to be one a very cold week. Doing my morning jog, I would find myself moving faster to get warmed up!

The Myakka River

The Myakka River

This is Myakka River that flows near my mom’s home in Florida. Part of it is a state park and it represents the “old Florida” that I truly love. Sadly much of the vegetation of “old Florida” has been destroyed for development purposes. This newly developed FL is what I do not like….the adobe strip malls, four-lane roads, stamped out housing developments all the same beige color with the same tiled roofs.

I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise one morning at the river.


As I was standing there, I saw from the other side, something swimming across in a wiggling motion. For the life of me, I could not figure out what it was. As it got closer, I realized that it was a baby alligator.IMG_0672

This Little Blue Heron spent the morning with me, enjoying the sunrise.


I enjoyed my morning jogs in the park. I never knew what I would see. One morning, this stork was meandering around.IMG_0684

I saw this snow shovel with it’s appropriate sign and thought it was cute. Maybe everyone, who makes the decision to spend their winters in FL should bring their old shovels. It could be the beginning of a “shovel graveyard,” much like the graveyards for old cars!


Across from mom’s trailer, was her good friend Sharon from Ohio. Sharon had sweet Riley who would come over every morning to visit mom and get her treat. She was a sweet dog and full of personality. She was cute and she knew it! Sadly, Sharon and Riley will be spending next winter in Ohio. Sharon sold her trailer but said that she would come to the park next year for a visit.

Riley and me!

Riley and me!

Mom and I had a great visit with my college roomie, Penny.  She and her hubby have moved to Florida for good.  They are happy with their decision and I am happy for them.  It was certainly a bonus to get to see Penny, it had been a couple of years.  I say that we haven’t changed a bit from our college years!!!!


Penny and me

All in all, I had a great and fun visit with mom. We celebrated her birthday by going out to lunch at the Venice Beach pier with friends Ashton and Nina. In the afternoon, some of mom’s friends in her park, had cake and ice cream with her. That proved to be one of the best and funniest moments. I had put only a few candles on the cake. I lit them inside and when I brought the cake out to her in the backyard with everyone there, the wind blew out all but two of the candles.

“Hurry mom, make a wish and blow out the candles!”

I was telling mom to quickly make a wish and blow out the remaining candles. Here she is trying to do as I was telling her but she didn’t do it fast enough, as the wind blew the final two candles out. It was then that she told me she couldn’t blow out the candles because she had a mouth full of crackers. I just thought that this was the funniest thing!


It took me back to my days as a young camper at Camp Wayaka during the silly relay races that we would have. One of them was eating crackers and having to whistle before we could swim a lap. Have you ever tried to whistle with a mouth full of crackers! Thank you, Betty Baker, for capturing the moments. I will always cherish that memory of my mom’s birthday.

Back in Maine, I stayed busy with all the things that needed attending to since I had been away. I was able to spend quality time with my dad. At 85 years young, he is doing very well.

Dad modeling the apron that David bought for him to do his housework!  He is very independent!

Dad modeling the apron that David bought for him to do his housework! He is very independent!

At one of his doctor visits, the Dr discovered that his kidneys were not functioning properly. His medication was adjusted and after several trips for blood samples, Dad got a good report right before I left to go to Namibia. It was a good thing as I could tell that he was getting very frustrated doing the follow-up visits and getting the blood samples so frequently.

My brother, Perry, was having renovations done on his home and his French Bulldog, Jack, didn’t like all the noise. Perry asked if I could take Jack for a week…..six weeks later, he went home. I loved having the cuddle bug around. He is going to be featured in the next children’s book I write.


My nephew, Jack!

My bed partner when David is away!

My bed partner when David is away!

A day at the beach!

A day at the beach!

I love the time that I am able to spend with both of my parents. In the earlier years of our life, being apart from family was difficult but as the years pass and I see the slight decline in my parents, I wish that there could be two of me. I want to be with David and share his adventure but I also realize that time with my parents is precious and want to spend as much as I can with them. There is no easy solution and I am grateful that my husband is patient when I return to the states and that my parents are equally as patient when I return to David.

David arrived back in Maine on Saturday, May 2 at noontime.  My mom and Nancy Woodward, who had just lost her husband Lonnie, arrived Saturday evening. Everyone was in good spirits and it was nice to share the house with others!

The next day, mom and I zipped down to Wells to visit with Aunt Helen, mom’s sister. I think it was one of the first beautiful, sunny, spring days that we had experienced. Mom, Auntie and I all went out to lunch and when we came back, I took Auntie to my cousin Carolyn’s house for a surprise 80th birthday party that her family had planned. It was great seeing the whole “Springer Clan” with all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren running around. It is a rare occasion when you can get everyone together in the same place!

Aunt Helen, Carolyn, Nancy and Larry, her children.

Aunt Helen, Carolyn, Nancy and Larry, her children.

One Wednesday, David and I hopped the bus and rode to Boston to spend the day. We had not been tourist in Boston forever!!! The tunnel, that was built to divert traffic under Boston, was completed in 2002 and we had not seen the benefits that having the tunnel. Boston is such a wonderful walking city and even more so, with the park that was developed after the streets were eliminated by the tunnel.  This was some of the art that we enjoyed walking in the new park on our way to Faneuil Hall.  IMG_1746

We were blessed with another sunny, spring day and enjoyed it by walking all around the city. From South Station, we walked along the “new” park…new to us and arrived at Faneuil Hall and got something to eat. I had a bagel and David had macaroni and cheese. We ate on one of the park benches outside and enjoy some “people watching”. After our snack, we wandered through some of the shops and made our way over to the North Shore or “Little Italy” of Boston. I love this area!! It is such a vibrant place with Italian restaurants, coffee shops and the neighborhood fruit and veggie stand. Friends standing on the sidewalk, with their thick Boston accents, discussing the Red Sox game from the night before.

We walked past Paul Revere’s house. I have seen the Old North Church that he began his ride on that fateful night but never his house.IMG_1747

From the North Shore, we walked over to Boston Commons. We passed the State House with its glorious gold dome and into the park.

Make Way for Ducklings!

Make Way for Ducklings!

One of my favorite things at Boston Commons is the duck statues for the book “Make Way for Ducklings”. It was the Wednesday before Mother’s Day and someone had placed bonnets on some of the ducklings. It was so cute!IMG_1751

The famous Swan Boats were floating around the pond……


and the flowers were in bloom.


It was a glorious day to be in the park!

We got back to Portland around 5:00 and were hungry so made our way over to Two Lights Lobster Shack for a large feed of fried clams. If you are thinking, that isn’t the healthiest choice, you are right but it is something that David and I treat ourselves to only once in a great while and it had been awhile.

Sunday, May 10 was Mother’s Day. Kathy, Kevin, Perry, my dad, David and myself all met in Hallowell to have celebrate the day with Mom. It was so nice to have the family together, which is a rarity with everyone’s busy schedule.

David, my dad Ray, Kevin, Perry, myself, Mom and Kathy

David, my dad Ray, Kevin, Perry, myself, Mom and Kathy

Perry, Me, Mom and Kathy

Perry, Me, Mom and Kathy

After Mother’s Day, David and I spent the next few days getting ready for our flight back to our new home in Swakopmund, Namibia. We left on Thursday, May 14. Will be sharing that new adventure with you soon…..