Baby Isabella’s Baptism

I have mentioned in previous blogs, my friend, Jose Luis Ormeno. He is a taxi driver for the Sol de Oro Hotel that David and I stayed in until we found our apartment. For the longest time, I would just say hello to him in passing as AMEC always provided us with drivers whenever we needed to go somewhere. However, one day, I needed a driver and Jose Luis was available. That was the beginning of a good friendship.
Last week, Jose Luis invited David and me to his daughter’s baptism. Unfortunately, David had to work but I was able to go. It was so wonderful to see another side of Lima and the culture down here. Plus, it was wonderful to meet so many of Jose Luis’s family.
The baptism took place at a chapel of a hospital. I don’t know if this is where Isabella was born, but possibly. It seemed to be a general baptism for several other children as well. I sat through the service and for the most part, understood the words for “light”, “water” and “church”. Still, it appeared to be a lovely service. I liked the priest….even though I couldn’t really understand him. At any rate, I was good for something…I was the “official family photographer”.
After the service, we were all invited back to Jose Luis’s home. I honestly have no idea where we were in Lima. It is somewhere about 25 minutes from the Miraflores area where we live. He and his family live in a small but very comfortable apartment. Jannet, his wife, was lovely although with my limited Spanish, it was difficult to say much. He has two other daughters – Francesca who will soon be 12 and Daniella who is 6 years old. Isabella is just 2 months and has the most amazing head of hair that I have ever seen on a baby!
I met brothers, sisters, spouses, nieces, their boyfriends, mothers and grandparents. Just when I thought I had met everyone and figured out the relationship, someone else would appear. Of all the family that I met, Jose Luis’s mother was by far my favorite. She had such a dear, sweet way about her. Again, there was a slight communication problem, but we made it work.
Actually, I wasn’t at a lost the whole time, as some of the nieces and a brother-in-law spoke great English. So, I tried to practice my Spanish, but it was nice to have some help when I got stuck on a word.
A toast was proposed by Jose Luis thanking everyone for coming and participating in the special day. Much time was spent visiting. I shared my “passion and hunting” story with them. They all laughed but I think it just confirmed what they all believe, that Americans are “frio”….cold! After awhile, we were served a meal. A special salad and a side of rice were made for me by his mother. I must say, it was one of the best salads I have had since being in South America! The rest of the guest had some kind of meat with their salad and rice.

It was such a nice day. How special to be included in such a wonderful family event!!!

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