Neil and Annette Donaldson

This is Neil and Annette Donaldson, our Australian friends, whom we met in Santiago, Chile. Annette and I met at the Spanish school that we were attending. We did a few things together in Chile…Neil went skiing with us, Annette was back in Australia.

So, Neil is an engineer and was working in Chile on a project that is actually being built in Australia. The world is getting smaller! He has finished his part of the job and they are heading back home…..around the world! Their package allows them so many stops on the different continents. They were visiting Machu Picchu before arriving in Lima to fly to their next destination of Seattle, Washington.

I met them at the airport and gave them a quick tour of central Lima. We came back to the apartment for a glass of wine, Neil checked his e-mail and then we headed out to a restaurant for dinner. David was able to catch up with us at the restaurant.

It was wonderful seeing them but the time went too quickly. Before we knew it, it was time for them to head out to the airport for their flight to the states.

Buen viaje (safe travels) Neil and Annette….may our paths cross again in the near future!

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