Our Chilean Souvenirs

You may remember last year when I blogged about the amazing stir-ups that I had seen here in Santiago at a flea market. Ever since seeing them, it has been my hope to purchase one. I only wanted one as I felt that was all I really needed. Plus, I thought that a child’s size would suffice. Well, this weekend, I finally found one!!! Yiiiippppeeee….we were at the Artisan market at Los Dominicos.

David and I were just walking around Sunday. We went to a mall and nearby the mall, Arauco Park. It is a beautiful park in Las Condes. Spring is just starting to happen down here, so there are some buds and flowers on the trees. I imagine it is beautiful in the summer with bright flowers and all the trees with leaves. From the park, we walked to Los Dominicos. I was so pleased when we found the stir-up. Also, I purchased a CD from a harpist who was playing at the market. It is very, very pretty music.

We bought the penguin on Saturday in our wanderings throughout the city. It is made from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. When we purchased it, I didn’t realize that Chile is only one of two places that lapis is mined in the world. The other place is Afghanistan. Again, I had seen lapis jewelry and other items made from lapis on our last stay here in Santiago and had wanted to purchase it then. Penguins are David’s favorite, plus penguins live in Chile, so what a perfect souvenir, no?

So, with the wonderful souvenirs of Chile all purchased, I am ready to go to the next assignment. Things are being discussed but nothing definite. Stay tuned!!!

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