Farmer’s Market and The Fringe Festival

Saturday is Farmer’s Market day and my girlfriend, Megha was playing her harp. I decided to go and took my camera to take pictures. The market was busy and Megha’s music was wonderful.

I was leaving the Farmer’s Market just as a camper was pulling up to the curb. Can you believe that the license plate was from Maine!?!?! I couldn’t believe it. I asked the driver, what part of Maine and he said Belfast. I then told him I was from the Portland area. Small world….he and his wife are traveling across Canada, with their two adorable dogs, no less.

The Fringe was the festival for the weekend. Saskatoon seems to have a festival every weekend. The Fringe is a variety of plays being offered at different venues around the Broadway Street area. Broadway street was blocked off and there were vendors selling pottery, jewelry, clothing and street performers. I saw the play Spiral Dive about the Canadian Royal Air Force in World War 2. It was only four performers who played about 20 different characters… costume changes, just changes in personalities, accents. It was very, very good.

So, it is 10:45 and my wonderful husband just walked through the door! He was at the Rocanville project site, 5 hours east of Saskatoon, all week. He drove home tonight and will be working out of the Saskatoon office for awhile now. It will be so nice to have him home for awhile!!!

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