My Daily Walking Route

I try to walk each morning before starting my day for some exercise.  On days that I feel more ambitious, I shuffle (walk/jog).  Although at an elevation of almost 5,000 ft and the several hills along my route, I find it challenging to run.  As I was walking the other day, I thought that I should share the route.  

When I started walking through the neighborhood, I found it interesting the security measures that entire neighborhoods and each individual takes.  Now, after 2 months, it is the norm for me.  Here is my route……………….

This is the street that I live on.  Starting on the walk, I walk downhill.  So, coming back it is all uphill and at the end of the walk.  There have been times, on my return, that I wish that we lived closer to the bottom of the hill!!!

Many of the roads have entrance gates like this one.  At one end of the road, is the passable gate with the guard.  

At the other end of the road, is a impassable gate like this one

but people can walk through the passageway on one side the gate.

All of the homes are behind high security walls with electric fences running along the top.  One home that I pass has two armed security guards who stand outside the gate with bullet proof vest.  Out of curiosity, I asked if someone famous lived there and was told that a member of the ANC (African National Congress) did.  Currently, the ANC is the governing body in South Africa so this must be one of their VIPs with that kind of security.  I didn’t take a picture as I thought that it probably would not be welcomed.  
I find the tree lined streets more inviting.
Many of the homes are large like this one.
Many homes have thatched roofs, which I find interesting.   The other popular material for roofs are ceramic tiles.
Many of the homes have dogs.  These are two beautiful German Shepards that greet me each time I go by but there are a variety of other dogs from small dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, Golden Retrievers and Labs along my route as well.  
Tree houses are universal, even in upscale neighborhoods like these and they use leftover wood scraps.  
I noticed this wonderful community of male weaver’s nest the other day on my walk.  Although you can’t see all of them, I counted 10 in one tree and 8 in the nearby one.
I love these nest and find them a beautiful work of art.
I find these trees interesting but I don’t know what they are called. 
These are the berries that cover the tree and I think they are so beautiful against the blue sky.
Although it is winter, there are still some flowers in bloom.
Birds of Paradise are my brother’s favorite flower.  I love seeing them whenever I am out and about.  It makes me think of him and smile, which happens often.
Finally, on my way home from this walk I saw this man walking up my street and had to take his picture.  This is the way they recycle here.   On trash days, many men have these carts that the pull from trash can to trash can in search of cans, plastic bottles and paper. Unemployment here in Johannesburg and South Africa is 25%, so people have to do anything to earn money and survive. 
There you are, my walking route.  It takes me about 40 minutes to go around.  I change my route daily and the times that I leave as a security precaution.  I must say, that I have never felt threatened or in danger while walking.  I just always stay aware of my surroundings, which honestly, can be very draining.  

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