Nathan and Kayla Wedding, July 19, 2014


One of the primary reasons I came home, after only spending 2 months in South Africa, was the wedding of my nephew, Nathan. He is the youngest son of my sister, Kathy and her husband, Kevin. When Kayla and Nathan announced their engagement last summer, I told David that I didn’t care where we were in the world, I was coming home for the wedding. Yes, we are truly blessed with an amazing lifestyle of travel and I am always very grateful for those blessings. The downside of our lifestyle, however, are all the family events that we have missed because we were unable to make the trip home.

Nathan and Kayla were married on Saturday, July 19 in a 5:00 PM ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Bangor, Maine. It was a lovely ceremony that sealed the love these two young people have for each other. The reception was so much fun! Nathan and Kayla have such a fun group of friends. I am so glad that I was able to attend….it would have been much better, had David been there, too.

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