I Think Painting is Much Easier Than Publishing a Book!!


Muse Paintbar, Commercial St, Portland, ME

It is possible to “teach an old dog new tricks”!!! One day, while in Portland’s Old Port area, I discovered Muse Paintbar on Commercial Street in Portland, ME.

I have heard of these places in my travels. For a fee of $35, you spend a night of painting a picture using acrylic paint. There are several tables in the room and each table has about 6 small easels with blank canvases on them. Next to the easels are paper plates with different colored paint that is needed to paint the picture of the night. You are also given a selection of necessary paintbrushes and a can of water to rinse your brushes in.

There is a small platform at the front of the room where the instructor stands. She gives an introduction of the people working that night from the bartender (yes, you can purchase adult beverages)….it might help the painting process!! Also, there is a small menu for snacks available.
Once the introductions are finished, the fun begins. Each night, there is a specific painting that the “aspiring Van Goghs” are given instruction on. I have been to Muse Paintbar not once but twice! The first time, I spent the evening with my mom and brother, Perry. We painted an autumn scene with a stream and red and yellow leaves falling from the trees. Now, this was my first attempt at painting and I must say that I really enjoyed it. I don’t think it is a masterpiece by any means but at least you can tell what it is!


The second time I went, my neighbor asked if I would like to go with her. We had a fun night of painting a winter scene of a full moon shining down into a forest of evergreen trees, some which were covered in snow. Again, it was a fun evening. I think if I were home more, I would pursue art classes. As for now, I will have the pictures and the memories of creating them. If you haven’t been to Muse Paintbar, I encourage you to go!



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