Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden in Summer

We made another trip to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens today. It is about 30 minutes from our house. Since it is summer and rainy season, everything is much greener than when we were there last winter. It was a busy place today. People were having picnics. I must say, some of the South Africans are very serious about picnics…tables with table clothes, wine, baskets, dinner plates and silverware. Others, were a bit more casual…the blanket on the ground with a basket full of goodies, served on paper plates and cups.IMG_0525

As we were walking towards the falls, there were several African women passing us dressed in the most beautiful traditional clothing complete with lovely beaded jewelry. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked if there had been a wedding or a special event. Yes, it was a wedding and the guest were wearing traditional clothing. I only wish I had seen the bride and groom…maybe I did and just didn’t realize it. I so wish I could have gotten a picture…the outfits were so colorful and beautiful.IMG_0529Speaking of beautiful and colorful, we saw some local birds while sitting at the bird blind on the property. The Red Bishop is regal, no?IMG_0541This is the Weaver. I shared in a previous blog that the male weaves the nest to attack a female. This little guy was really busy!IMG_0543IMG_0546

When we arrived home, the whole gang came to see us.

This is Titus and Eagle….Titus is a Golden Retriever and has the sweetest face and largest paws I have ever seen on a dog. I am not real certain of his age but my guess is about 8 or 9. Eagle is a mix between a Golden Retriever and some kind of terrier…I would guess. I think he is about 5 years old. IMG_0234

Then, there is Tara…the “holy terror!!!” She is a bull terrier and about 9 months old, which I am convinced is the equivalent of a two year old toddler because she acts as if she is in her “terrible twos!!!”IMG_0227

I absolutely love having the dogs around. We can allow Titus and Eagle in the house for a few hours in the evening but Tara can never come in. She is like the “Tasmanian Devil” if she is lucky enough to get inside. One day, she got past me as I was going out the door and she made a bee-line for the garbage. Fortunately, I was able entice her outside with a treat before too much damage was done!

This is McCafferty the cat. I have been here for a week and had not seen her but knew that she had been around. Food is left on our kitchen counter for her and a window is left open for her to come and go. Each morning, I can tell that the cat has been there because the food is gone.  As I type this, she is lying next to me on the bed purring.IMG_0244

The dogs are at the door pounding to come in but cannot because they are supposed to go and eat their dinner. Sometimes I get worn down and just let them in….if I had my way, they would just stay with me all the time. However, the owners want them out for security reasons.IMG_0239It has been a nice weekend. We only have two more and we leave for our Christmas trip to Namibia….something I am really looking forward to. It is very difficult to wrap my head around the fact that it is the holiday season when it is 80 degrees during the day. The malls are decorated with Christmas ornaments. The stores are selling Christmas decorations next to beach towels….which, in my book, isn’t right!

I hope you, my wonderful reader, had a lovely weekend as well.

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