It has been awhile but I haven’t been slacking!

Hello my faithful followers and fans!  It has been awhile since I have updated my author page.  Partly because I didn’t feel as though I had anything really to offer but now, I feel as though things are starting to roll again.

For the past three months, I have been living in Johannesburg, South Africa…in case you haven’t been following my travel blog.  I am leaving Tuesday night for the states and will be back in the good ol’ USA on Wednesday morning.  Weather permitting, I will be home in Maine by 6:00 Wednesday night.  I am so excited to head home….they have been getting tons and tons of snow.   I have been enjoying summer on this side of the world.  Since I haven’t been in winter, a few weeks of the snow and cold will be welcomed.  At least that is what I am saying to convince myself!

Even though I haven’t been reporting much, I have kept busy, busy, busy.  Lucas, my illustrator and I have been sending emails back and forth discussing republishing Brave Nellie and getting it back out there to the world.  It will be happening.  Lucas, has been working super long hours with his current job and things will be slowing down in March.  I am hoping that I will have enough to keep him busy so he doesn’t have to have a job and can devote his talents to Brave Nellie full-time. Brave Nellie

I have also had Brave Nellie completely translated into Spanish!  That is exciting that we will be able to offer it in both English and Spanish.  I have no idea when Brave Nellie will be available.  Lucas and I will be working diligently on finding the best publishing solution and making certain that the “third time is a charm” before announcing that the book in published.

I have also completed my second children’s book.  It features my sweet little doggie friend, Lizzie, who just passed away last Sunday, February 8.   The message to children is good comes from bad.  The book has been sent off to the editor for editing and then it will go to Lucas for illustrating.  By the time we have Lizzie’s book ready to publish, we will be pros at the process and it will go smoothly.  IMG_0506

Finally, I have a third book floating in my head about my brother’s French bulldog, Jack.  I have been toying with the idea of writing a fourth book about the little bull terrier who has been in my life here in Johannesburg.  I am not completely convinced that I will but it is being considered.0

Many friends and acquaintances have been encouraging me to write a book of short stories of the escapades I have experienced in this crazy life of mine.  It seems like a huge undertaking but I have started compiling a list of stories that I think someone might find entertaining.

I recently visited with a sangoma (doctor) in Swaziland.  She “threw bones” to give me a prediction.  She said that I worked alone and that I would be very busy in the next few months and she said that I would be very successful.  I find her words encouraging.  If nothing else, she definitely got it correct that I will be very busy!

The sangoma we visited.

The sangoma we visited.

Stayed tune…the future looks very busy, bright and exciting.

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