Rest in Peace, Sweet Nellie

20131225_094802It is with a sad and heavy heart that I have to share the news of Nellie’s passing.

Just over a week ago, Nellie came down sick and her family rushed her to the veterinarian.  She was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.  I am certain this illness was from the years on the beach where she was trying to survive by eating whatever she could find.

The cancer was so advanced there was nothing that could be done to save her.  Nellie passed away quietly  Thursday evening, September 3 surrounded by her loving family.

I always try to look for good in all sad situations.  There is so much “good” with Nellie’s passing.  She was shown 5 years of love between my 2 years with her on the beach in the Dominican Republic and the 3 years she spent with her “forever family.”   I am so grateful that she was surrounded by the love that she so deserved on her final journey and that she wasn’t alone, in pain on the beach of the Dominican Republic.

She is at the “Rainbow Bridge” with her friend, Buddy who was another one of the beach dogs.  Buddy passed away 6 months after David, Nellie and I left the Dominican Republic in 2012.  That leaves sweet, little Poco alone on the beach.  Poco is fed daily and cared for by the staff at Beach Palace, where we lived.  David and I continue to send money to support Poco.  I would love to “rescue” Poco but she has chosen not to allow anyone to touch her.   So, it is difficult.  We are providing for her the best and only way that we know how.  I know that Buddy and Nellie are watching over her.

So, after reading this, hug your pet and tell them how special they are.  Adopt a dog or donate to an animal fund.

Nellie will always live in our hearts and through her story in the book I wrote about this amazing and brave little dog….Brave Nellie.

I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!  Love you and miss you, always.

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  1. Ohhhh, so sorry to hear of Nellie’s passing, Sharalyn, but sounds like she lived her last years surrounded by love, as every dog deserves. And of course her spirit lives on in your heart as well as those of her forever family and all those who read your book. 😀

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