The Train to Chiang Mai, Thailand

The approximate route we took from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai by train.

It has been exactly a year and 2 months since we returned from our eight week tour of Southeast Asia and as you will note, I am woefully behind on my blog! I will continue to “plug away” at posting until I get the trip completely recorded.

Flying is the popular mode of transportation for most tourist traveling any distance in Thailand. However, my husband likes to take trains to “see the scenery.” When he said this to a local person in Ayutthaya, the man laughed and said, “What on earth is there to see by rice fields and water buffaloes!” After spending 10 hours on the train from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai, I have to agree with him. After 3 hours on the train, I was asking, “Are we there yet????”

This was the train station in Ayutthaya. When the train master rang the bell three times, the train would leave.
Again, we couldn’t get tickets for first class as it was already booked. This was second class but it was quite comfortable and the most important thing, had air conditioning!
We saw many rice fields.
I was surprised to see an attendant on the train. She served us lunch and snacks.
As we went further north, the terrain changed and we started to see more trees and hills. However…….
there were still rice fields!

We arrived at the train station after dark. We got a taxi and although the driver couldn’t speak much English, she was very, very helpful in finding our Airbnb apartment off of Chang Moi Road, near Chinatown and the Warorot Market, a very large food market. This neighborhood appeared to be very popular with expats. We met people who had been living there for as long as thirty years from the US, Ireland, and other countries. I guess they came and never left!

After experiencing the train ride, if you are contemplating which mode of transportation you should take to get to Chiang Mai, I highly recommend flying. Flights around Southeast Asia are very reasonable…

Until my next post, I wish you sparkles and joy!

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