Thailand, Chiang Mai -The Warorot Market Area

We stayed in an apartment near the Warorot Market. This area was popular with long-term ex-pats (people from other countries who are currently living in a foreign country). We met several people from the US, United Kingdom, and France who are living in Chiang Mai. They were most helpful when we were trying to get orientated to the area. One of them told us of the best Pad Thai restaurant in all of Thailand. It was a five minute walk from our apartment, a real “hole in the wall” but oh so very, very good. I have no idea the name of the place but the servings were generous and the price was very inexpensive. I think David and I each had a serving of Pad Thai and beverages for around a total of $3.00. During our stay in Chiang Mai, we frequently ate at this small restaurant. I thought for certain tha I had photos of this place but evidently, I imagined taking pictures!!

The market is near the Ping River and east of the Chiang Mai historic district.

The Ping River near the Warorot Market.

It is considered the largest and best known market in the northern region of Thailand. The market is very, very large and offers all sorts of food and merchandise.

There are several levels to this market.
This was the a section of the food isle. On the left were noodles and on the right was dried fish.
I thought these flower arrangements were beautiful.
This was the best place to buy souvenirs!

Odds and Ends Nearby the market

We walked over this bridge to get to the Warorot Market. I liked the elephant sculptures. Elephants are the national symbol of Thailand and represent strength, longevity, and durability.
This laundromat was located in the apartment building that we stayed in. This little dog was inside when we walked past one day. Oh my gosh, I wanted to bring him home! Doesn’t he look like a teddy bear??? 💖🐾
We passed these arrangements on the way to market area. According to my Thai friend, this is a Chinese tradition but both the Thai and Chinese believe that peacocks are good luck. I am assuming that these arrangements are for a special occasion and the person giving them is wishing the receiver much luck.

Well, folks, I guess that is all for today’s writing session. I hope that you are staying safe during this pandemic of Covid-19. Be safe and please pray for healing for the world.

May the angels wrap us all in their wings of healing, comfort and love.

Until the next time I send you sparkles, joy, and many blessings. ✨🎉🙏

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