Paragliding – We Finally Did It!!!

It was a beautiful, windy day Sunday and we decided to wander over to the launch area to see about paragliding. They were busy, but so many of the paragliders were gliding that we didn’t have to wait long at all.

It cost $50/per person and there was no instructions at all. All we did was put on a helmet and hook up with the paraglider operator. He sits on a seat and we sat on a seat that was in his lap. The sail went up and off we went.

It was a 15 minute ride over the Malecon – the park area in Miraflores where we live. We flew by Rick Lewin’s (David’s boss) apartment. He was on his balcony and we waved as we went by. We flew over the Lacomar Mall. My pictures show what a cliff Miraflores District is built on. Lacomar Mall is built into the cliff….pretty impressive from up above.

Then, we flew over by our apartment building. I got some great shots of everything. It was a fun, fun 15 minutes, but David and I both agree that we enjoyed our skydiving adventure more!

The rest of the day was spent in Parque Kennedy and listening to the hundreds of wild parrots chattering away in the trees. You can’t really see them until they fly, but can you hear them!!!

It was a quiet and restful Sunday…..Check out my pictures at Webshots!!!

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